Bride praised for 'incredible icebreaker' list for singles at her wedding

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A bride has gone viral after sharing the 'icebreaker' she used to help her single girlfriends mingle on her wedding day.

In a video on TikTok, newlywed Katie said she saw another clip before her wedding suggesting: "I as the bride owed it to my single girlfriends to send them a list of the single guys were going to be there at the wedding. That's exactly what I did."

TikTok single men at wedding
Katie made a list of the single men at her wedding for her girlfriends. Photo: TikTok

"I sent my single girlfriends list of all the guys broken into two groups, friends and family with their names. Height, they had a role in the wedding, what job industry they work in, and where they live," she continued.

Katie said she sent this out about a week before the wedding, but it ended up becoming a hilarious talking point on the actual night.

"Then at the wedding itself, guys started hearing about this list and wanted to see what I've written about them. It's all factual stuff, so nobody really cared. I got a couple of heights wrong," she said.


"It was such a cute little icebreaker for all the single people to start talking and joke that i'd sent this out and that they all had this info, it was hilarious.

"So if you're a bride, do this for your single girlfriends. It's a great icebreaker and it's great for them to stop by the way."

Wedding guests clinking glasses while the newlyweds drinking champagne in the background
She says it ended up being a hilarious icebreaker on the night. Photo: Getty

The video received thousands of likes and comments with plenty of people praising the idea.

One of the women who actually received the list took to the comments to say: "It was INCREDIBLE. By far the best icebreaker. Thank you!"

While others quickly wondered whether many of the men were in fact still single.

"Is Daniel - lawyer, Hampton house - single? Asking for a friend," was one comment.

"Kyle sounds nice.. Can I be invited to the wedding?" another asked.

"Not all heroes wear capes, they wear wedding gowns too," was another reaction.

After the video went viral, Katie shared another post saying: "Whoops!! Sorry Daniel, Joey, Kyle, Jean, Zach, Daniel and Johnny- y’all famous now." But she would not 'kiss and tell' about whether any of her prep work led to something more.

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