TikToker's skimpy bikini 'hack' at Disney World backfires: 'It's obvious'

A TikToker has shared her disappointment after her bikini hack at Disney World backfired spectacularly.

The amusement park has been known to give out t-shirts to people who break their dress code, so the woman decided to give it a try.

Two photos of a TikToker wearing a small black bikini and sun visor
The TikToker stripped down to a bikini before entering the park. Photo: TikTok/heleniofficial

In a video posted to TikTok, she pulled off her black crop top, revealing a tiny black bikini that left very little to the imagination.

“Trying the TikTok hack for a free shirt at Disney World Orlando,” the text read. The video then showed Helèni as she waited nervously in line, before being stopped by a park worker.

The TikToker then walked through the park with her crop top back on and shook her head, with the text reading: “Tried to force us to buy one. DEBUNKED!!”


She explained that she didn’t end up having to buy one since she still had her black crop top with her.

Her post soon went viral, racking up over 6.9 million views and attracting hundreds of comments.

Some users pointed out her big mistake, saying that you’re supposed to wait until you’re inside the park to break the rules.

“You have to do it when you’re already in the park,” one pointed out, with another adding: “They only do that inside the park…”

L: Disney World staff member's legs and feet. R: TikToker disappointed while in Disney World
The TikToker was disappointed when she wasn't given a freebie. Photo: TikTok/heleniofficial

Others said that she was far too late to the trend as Disney World had already cottoned onto the ‘hack’.

“They used to give [a t-shirt away] for free, but then everyone found out on TikTok and abused the system so they make you buy one now,” one person commented.

“As a cast member, this won’t work. We know when it’s someone trying to get free merch,” a second wrote.

“Sometimes they will do it, but if it’s obvious that you are just trying to get a free shirt then no. Too many people take advantage,” added another.

Helèni hit back at those saying she was ‘abusing the system’, saying that Disney makes ‘billions of dollars a year’ so could afford to give away free shirts.

Some TikTokers gave her alternative options to snag a free shirt once inside the park.

“My daughter ended up throwing up on her shirt and we found a cast member. They gave us a voucher for two free shirts, one for me and one for her,” a user said.

“It has to be like an accident happened,” added another.

“They made me cover a tattoo but gave me a free t-shirt voucher because I wasn’t going back to the hotel,” a third chimed in.

“Better tip: wear an offensive shirt with curse words on it. It’s called a ‘no-strings’ and it’s at their discretion, but vulgar shirts usually work,” an insider revealed.

People also slammed Helèni for wearing such a revealing outfit at the family amusement park.

“You exposed yourself to children to try to get a shirt?” an outraged person asked.

“How about just wear a regular damn shirt to begin with? What was the point? Attention?” another questioned.

“So we’re calling public indecency a TikTok hack now?” asked another.

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