Teacher slammed on TikTok over 'inappropriate' clothing: 'Fired'

A UK-based teacher, who regularly takes to TikTok to document a week's worth of her work outfits, has been slammed for dressing "inappropriately".

Victoria Renwick, a biology teacher from Scotland, enjoys sharing her work outfits on TikTok, offering some fun inspiration for others when dressing for work.

Teacher in the UK
A teacher in the UK has been slammed over her 'inappropriate' clothing after sharing her week of outfits on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/victoriaren97

While many love her outfits, which are often colourful and fun while still being professional, some questioned how she could wear some of the looks.

"If we wore this into school we would simply get *FiReD*," one user wrote.

"I absolutely love this but in Sydney Australia if I were to wear this as a teacher I would get sent home," another added.


"Why do the teachers on here look and dress like they are 19?" a third said.

"Nobody wants to think they went off-key - don't be upset, it's not necessarily a criticism, but probably fair to query if some choices are actually sober enough and right for the context," someone else wrote. "Mid-thigh skirts and halter tops?"

"I think you have great fashion sense, but I feel some of your outfits are too short for the workplace," another said.

"You are defo giving all the boys in your class a good day at least," one man added.

Teacher in the UK wears lilac outfits
While some slammed Jessica, most others loved her outfits. Photo: TikTok/victoriaren97

However, the vast majority were positive, with many sharing their support for Jessica.

"Victoria just ignore all the negativity you’re getting," one user shared. "If the school is happy with it, wear what you like!! I think you look great btw."

"Your outfits are gorgeous," another added, while someone else wrote, "Nothing inappropriate at all, your outfits look great."

"You're style is amazing! What the hell is wrong with people? Judgment of women's bodies and clothing choices is stupid and should be over! STOP," a third said.

"This makes me want a whole new wardrobe for work," someone else wrote.

"I'm new here, but your outfits are so consistently flawless!!" another follower shared.

Jessica was very thankful for the lovely comments and replied to one user, "Thank you so much for this lovely comment, really upset by how negatively I’ve been perceived. Really uplifting hearing your comment this evening."

There were also some followers who were seemingly Jessica's students, with many writing that she is the "best science teacher ever".

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