TikToker slammed for 'controlling' list of rules for boyfriend

A woman has been slammed after her "controlling" list of rules for her boyfriend went viral on TikTok, with her own friends calling her a "psycho b***h".

Natalia Reinoso revealed all her previous boyfriends had followed her rules, which centred around Instagram.

"Controversial rules I make my boyfriend follow Instagram edition because I was telling my guy friends and they called me a psycho b***h," she began. "Disclaimer, almost every single one of my boyfriends has followed these rules."

TikToker's rules for boyfriends
A TikToker has been branded 'controlling' after revealing a lengthy list of rules for her boyfriend. Photo: TikTok/thefreakshowcircus

She continued, saying the number one rule any potential boyfriends would have follow is to block anyone they'd had a romantic connection with in the past, including anyone they've just held hands with.

"No following new women since the day we started dating, period. I don't want to give an explanation," she said. "No searching girls' names in the handlebar like, what are you searching for? No but really what are you searching for? Because you should find it in me."

Natalia's fourth rule was that her boyfriends couldn't like any other girls' photos, adding, "Women don't like this, it's a slap in the face."

In a second video, she continued her rules, saying, "No story replying, we all know what story replies means, we don't have to talk about it!"


The TikToker added, "No more than one girl per scroll on his Explore page, I know that your Explore page is what you click on and you want to know how I know? Because one time I asked a guy to stop and he did and for the duration of our entire relationship there wasn't one girl on his Explore page, so I know that the rest of you guys are lying sacks of s**t!"

Another rule was that if a girl posts more than one bikini picture in a row, then he has to unfollow them.

"Lastly, no clicking on Linktree [link in bio] like adult films are free. And I can handle like giving other people attention... But your money. You're gonna give other women your money. No!"

Some viewers pointed out that Natalia mentioned that she had "guy friends", with one user writing that her having male friends was a red flag.

"Notice how she has guy friends, but the boy is not allowed to [have female friends]," one user wrote.

"I can see why these are controversial," another commented, while a third questioned, "This has to be satire, right?"

Others supported Natalia with one user writing, "Thank God, LOVE THIS!"

"Think I'll have him delete his IG instead," another added.

"I'm going to use these rules," someone else wrote.

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