Baffling TikTok about time divides opinion: 'Gobsmacked'

TikToker Erica Mallett has left thousands of people confused and kicked off a huge debate after sharing a video about how people view time.

"You don't truly know someone until you ask them this question," she began in the video that has since been viewed 12.4 million times. "You could have known them for 10 or 15 years you feel like you know them inside out.

TikTok about time goes viral
A baffling TikTok has caused huge debate in the comments section over the idea of time. Photo: TikTok/erica_mallett

"But the answer to this question will change everything you think you knew about them."

She continued, "Here's the question. If I say, 'We have a meeting at midday', and then I say, 'Can we move it forward two hours.' What time is that?"


People began flooding the comments sections for their reasonings behind two different times: 10am and 2pm.

"It's 10am, but the answer is no," one user joked.

TikToker Erica Mallett describes time
Erica explained that it's how you view time that decides how you see the answer to the question. Photo: TikTok/erica_mallett

"Move forward two [hours] 10am, push back two hours 2pm," another added.

"If you BRING it forward it would be 10 am. If you MOVE it forward it would be 2pm," a third added.

"People saying 2pm actually don’t understand how time works lol," a fourth joked.

"Anyone not saying 10am is just wrong," someone else teased, while another agreed, "Oh God, there are people who think this is 2pm."

"Midday + 2h = 2pm doesn't it? Am I missing something? There is another answer?" one confused TikTok user wrote.

"Moving forward is pushing it out to 2pm because time goes forward," another said.

"I am actually gobsmacked at the amount of people saying 2pm. These people clearly never had meetings moved," yet another responded.

"It’s 10am. Moving it back would be 2pm," Sarah Hyland's fiancé Wells Adams wrote. "But do we really need to have a meeting or can everything be resolved by an email?"

In a second video, Erica offered an explanation about why people may think the answer is 10am or 2pm, saying her original video had people "freaking out".

She said it depends on how you view time, "If you see yourself as moving through time, then you're moving towards 2pm, you will say 2pm. But if you see time as moving through you, you will say 10am.

"Every day I spend on this earth, I realise how differently people see the world!"

"I asked my two housemates this. They each said a different answer simultaneously. They’re now arguing outside my bedroom door," one commenter joked, with Erica replying, "Didn't mean to break up the family."

"Lifehack: the meeting has been rescheduled to (insert new time here)," another joked.

"Sooo... people that say 10am are people that say the world is evolving around me?" a third quipped.

"So the 10am-ers are just existing while I’m out here living," a fourth added.

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