TikToker catches boyfriend cheating right after giving birth

A TikToker has taken to the app to share the story of how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her just hours after giving birth.

The video, which was shared by a woman who goes by @aubrecita on the app, has been viewed over 7.1 million times.

TikToker shares story of how boyfriend cheated
A TikToker has shared how she caught her boyfriend cheating just hours after giving birth. Photo: TikTok/@aubrecita

"Feeding my hours-old baby in the hospital, the nurses had asked me to record the times that he ate so I grab my sleeping boyfriend’s phone to check the time," she wrote on the video.

She then shared a screenshot from her boyfriend's phone with a text message from a woman named Marissa that read, "Come cuddle."

To make matters worse, her partner's lock screen featured a photo of their newborn baby.


She jokingly captioned the video, "I know — I can’t believe he let his battery get that low either," as the photo showed his battery was only at 13 per cent.

The TikToker also clarified that she and her baby's father aren't together anymore and that it happened nine years ago.

"Honestly Marissa was innocent she didn’t know!!!" she said in the comments. "Plus he was texting like 3 other girls so she was getting played too."

One commenter joked, "Crosses Marissa off the baby name list."

"As a Marissa, we do NOT claim her," another wrote.

"He would have needed a hospital bed too," a third joked.

"I would have asked the nurse to take the baby to the nursery for a little bit and went through that entire phone," someone else said.

"Oh trust me, I investigated and this wasn’t even the worst that I found," the original poster responded.

Others shared stories of how they found out their partners were cheating with one user writing, "My first husband went out to celebrate the birth of our first baby and ended up banging some rando behind the bar...y'know...to celebrate."

"I found out on Christmas morning two months after our twins were born... he never lets his phone leave his hand, I guess I got lucky," another wrote.

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