TikToker savaged over controversial shower routine: 'Is this a joke?'

A woman has been roasted on TikTok after she revealed her controversial shower routine.

While most people at a minimum will shower once a day, 23-year-old Aydan Jane told her followers she showers just once every 10 days.

Posting a video of her fluffing up her hair and spinning around her headband, she captioned the video, "I am living proof you don't have to bathe often to look and feel good".

"Haven't showered in 10 days," she added.

Her post has garnered more than 20,000 comments from people disgusted by the revelation.

Aydan Jane smells her armpit.
Aydan Jane said she went 12 days without showering. Source: TikTok/Aydan_jane

"Ten days is wild, let alone in summer," one shocked viewer wrote.

"Stay 10 feet away from me," another said.

"Sometimes secrets are good," a third added.

"Is this a joke?" somebody else questioned.

"OK but what about smelling good?" a fourth added.


Aydan, who also posts about her period to reduce the stigma around menstruation, later revealed she went 12 days before showering and shared another video hitting back at a comment suggesting her shower routine had no benefit.

"By using less water, it's impossible that I'm wasting water," she said.

"Using less water cannot waste the resource, it can only preserve it."

In another video she argued showering less was better for the environment.

"Water is a precious resource and I feel Americans shower a little too often," she added.

"Unless you're doing a manual labour job and getting really sweaty and covered in grease you probably don't need to be showering daily.

"But to each their own, it's up to the individual, I'm not going to tell people how often they should shower, that's just my opinion.

"I went that long in this particular case because I used a new shampoo and my hair didn't get oily and I'm not sweating a bunch, I'm not doing any manual labour, so I just didn't have any reason [to shower]."

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