Wedding guest blasted for 'attention seeking' outfit: 'Kick her out'

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A woman is being slammed on TikTok after choosing to wear a white dress to someone else's wedding.

TikToker @imlostplsfindme shared a video of the woman dancing at her sister's wedding, pointing out the fact the woman's dress also featured a long train that was pinned up, just like a wedding dress.

Wedding guest wearing white
A wedding guest has been slammed on TikTok over her outfit with many calling it 'attention seeking' and suggesting she be 'kicked out'. Photo: TikTok/@imlostplsfindme

"This Cruella attention seeker wore a white gown with a train that's right now pinned up to my sister's wedding," she wrote over the clip.

She continued in the caption, "She once in the middle of my uncle's funeral while I was crying told me that my eyebrows were uneven," also adding the hashtag "#wickedwitchofthewest".


The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times, with viewers blasted the woman.

"She wouldn’t [have] been allowed in. My family thinks I’m joking about having a bouncer at my wedding," one user wrote.

"This is why bridesmaids and groomsmen should carry around water guns with fabric dye," another joked.

The actual bride at the wedding
The TikToker then shared a video of her sister, the actual bride, after someone thought she was joking around. Photo: TikTok/@imlostplsfindme

"The fact that everyone is hyping her up too is just another level of disrespect," a third wrote, pointing out the people in the video cheering her on as she danced.

"Why are they all feeding into her need for attention is my question…" someone else agreed.

"That’s not wearing a white gown that’s wearing an actual wedding dress!" another shocked viewer wrote.

Many others commented with emojis of red wine, with one user writing, "TIE-DYE TIME."

"I’ve already gotten permission to cover anyone that wears white to my BF's wedding in red wine and offer them a horrible goodwill dress or nothing," one user joked.

"That is how you end up the victim of a red wine spill my dudes," another added.

"My sister asked if I would do anything if someone showed up in white to her wedding, I responded, 'Whatever means necessary, without doing jail time,'" someone else said.

"She obviously doesn't like your sister," one user joked.

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