Baker accidentally exposes cheating husband to wife: 'My best friend!'

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A TikToker has shared a story sent in by one of her followers revealing how the woman, a baker, accidentally exposed a cheating husband to his wife, with the other woman turning out to be the wife's best friend.

According to the video, the baker explained that she received a Facebook message from a woman who wrote, "I found your name on PayPal and was curious why my husband's sending you money?"

TikToker shares story of cheating husband
A TikToker shared how a baker accidentally exposed a cheating husband to his wife, revealing he was hooking up with her best friend. Photo: TikTok/@wanderlustsweets

She responded, "Hi, I hope I'm not ruining any surprise but I have a treat business and selling gift boxes for Valentine's Day."

The woman apologised, "I'm so sorry! I feel so silly, he's been acting off and I assumed the worst."

However, after Valentine's Day came and went, the women sent another message to the baker, writing, "I only got some flowers for Valentine's Day and was curious what my husband purchased."


The baker said, "He purchased a set of naughty message berries with the name Ashlee."

"That's my BEST FRIEND!" the woman quickly responded, clearly horrified.

The baker shared that she apologised to the wife and then revealed that the husband then tried to sue for outing him.

"You had no right to tell my wife my order! This is a breach of contract," he told her. "You need to tell her it was a mistake or I will sue for slander."

TikToker reveals husband was cheating with best friend
The wife was shocked to find out her husband was buying Valentine's Day treats for her best friend. Photo: TikTok/@wanderlustsweets

However, she wasn't having any of it and responded, "No, we have no contract. Maybe just don't cheat."

Other TikTok users applauded the baker for telling the wife with one user writing, "He breached their marriage contract first."

"You can't sue somebody for slander if they're telling the truth," another wrote, adding a facepalm emoji.

"There is no baker customer confidentiality lol this isn't a hospital," a third joked.

"If they share a bank account she has every right to inquire about the purchase," a fourth added.

"Women ALWAYS KNOW," someone else wrote.

"Bakers don't have a confidentiality clause," another laughed.

Others weren't so sure, with one user writing, "Morally? You did the right thing but as a business owner? Even if there is no contract you should stay out of others' business."

One user even wrote that they thought it was "super unprofessional" to share the information with his wife.

Some said they just wouldn't do it because they don't like getting in other people's business.

The TikToker who shared the story agreed, saying, "This was sent in to me to share, not my story but I have to agree, I like to stay in my lane."

In another comment, they added, "People crack me up with the lawsuit stuff. Like they are really going to pay thousands in lawyer fees."

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