TikTok users go wild for 'must-have' avocado slicing kitchen gadget

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avocados against a pink backdrop
Avocado lovers will adore this nifty tool. Photo: Getty

A $12 gadget is doing the rounds on TikTok and being hailed as a ‘must-have’ for avocado lovers.

It’s a three in one tool that does everything you would do with a regular knife, but more quickly and without needing to dangerously fling a sharp blade around to get the pip out.

A serrated edge knife on one end cuts through the outer skin of the avocado, then a purpose-built pitting tool extracts the pip, and finally, you use the fan blade at the other end to scoop out the avo in one smooth movement.

avocado tool
This $12 avocado tool is proving popular on TikTok. Photo: Amazon Australia

The videos look super satisfying and fans of the product are singing its praises.

“This three in one avocado slicer is a tool you absolutely need if you love avocados!” one person said on TikTok.

Another called it a “must-have kitchen gadget,” and a third said, “avocados are a daily part of my life and this gadget makes it so easy!”

Meanwhile in a review on Amazon Australia, a shopper confessed they bought the product after seeing it on TikTok and got laughed at by her husband who thought it was a waste of money, but said, “He used it the other day. I had the last laugh as he now swears by it.”

Not everyone is convinced however, and many of the comments on TikTok are from skeptics who point out that a regular kitchen knife can also do the job.


“A knife does the same thing… and it works on multiple foods,” read one person’s snide remark, while a second agreed, saying, “No thanks, I have something called a knife.”

And they’re not wrong, however, as one fan of the product points out, it is a less dangerous method.

“Nothing you couldn't do with a knife, but a bit safer,” they said, “The blade to cut the avocado is perfect for the task at hand, but not sharp enough to be dangerous. The middle section to extract the seed has 4 blades so actually works far better than a knife,”.

They add that it’s, “Perfect for someone not too confident with a knife or perhaps an older relative.”

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