5 places to buy toilet paper if supermarket shelves are bare

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We've got the places you can buy toilet paper if panic buying has cleared the shelves at your local supermarket.
We've got the places you can buy toilet paper if panic buying has cleared the shelves at your local supermarket.

Millions of Aussies are now in lockdown with Eastern Queensland yesterday joining parts of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and all of greater Sydney in imposing stay at home orders.

Unfortunately, along with the Covid cases, panic buying has also returned, and in Sydney in particular, many supermarket shelves have been stripped bare despite calls for calm.

Topping the list of in-demand items is toilet paper yet again, forcing Coles and Woolworths to reintroduce a two pack per person limit throughout NSW.

Hand sanitiser, flour, meat, canned food, rice and pasta are also hard to find in some supermarkets.

If the lockdown-induced scramble for supplies has left you short of loo roll, don't worry, we've collected plenty of other ways to replenish your stock.


Other places to buy toilet paper in Australia

Always the first thing to go, TP is something you don’t want to go through lockdown without. Thankfully, there are lots of online retailers that'll deliver it right to your door.

Who Gives A Crap sells bulk packs of eco friendly 3 ply toilet paper made from either bamboo or recycled fibres to help reduce deforestation. They also donate 50 percent of profits to charities providing clean water to communities in need.

A 48 double length roll pack of bamboo toilet paper will set you back $64, while the same amount of recycled toilet paper is $52. They also have a 24 roll pack of recycled toilet paper, and free shipping to most metro areas.

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper
You can bulk order forest-friendly toilet paper from places like Who Gives a Crap and Bamper. Photo: Who Gives a Crap

Bamper is another environmentally friendly option, and has a 24 pack of 3 ply bamboo toilet paper for $32. sells bulk packs of Veora 3 ply toilet paper, with a 48 roll pack costing $75.

Surprisingly, Officeworks also stocks toilet paper, and while they mostly have the kind that goes in office or public loos, they also have a 16 and 48 roll pack of regular household 2 ply toilet paper for $15 and $41 respectively.

Another place you may not have thought to look is ebay, but they have 48 roll packs of Quilton 3 ply for $50.

While you may not be able to find toilet paper on the shelves of your local Coles or Woolworths, it is worth checking to see if you can order online for delivery, as both supermarket chains have said they have plenty of stock and the issue is just in getting it onto the shelves to meet the increased demand.

large pack of Quilton toilet paper
Ebay has large packs of Quilton toilet paper. Photo: Ebay

Other places to buy everyday supplies:

While they’re currently out of toilet paper, Amazon Australia stocks loads of everyday essentials, and has free delivery for many items if you’re a Prime member.

You’ll find pantry items like multipack drinks and paper towels, as well as bathroom essentials like body wash and shampoo, and even pet food and supplies.

eBay also has a surprisingly wide range of everyday items and has partnered with Coles to bring even more food products and household items to the site.

Pasta, flour, rice and canned goods from all your favourite brands are available.

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