24 WFH essentials for a more productive home office this winter

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We've rounded up everything you need for your home office this winter
We've rounded up everything you need for your home office this winter

With Covid again posing a threat to millions of Australians around the country, working from home is back on the agenda.

Whether it's because of lockdowns or a personal choice, if you're planning on spending more time working from home over winter, we've got you covered with the ultimate list of home office essentials.


Working from your kitchen bench or coffee table is fine for short periods of time, but nothing beats having a dedicated space for your home office if you have the room for it.

This $449 Scandi-style desk from Temple & Webster has storage built into the monitor stand.

Scandi-style desk from Temple & Webster with storage built into the monitor stand
Scandi desk. Photo: Temple & Webster

If you don’t have a lot of room for an extra desk, opt for a fold away option like this wall mounted desk that folds up into a small cabinet when you’re not using it.

 wall mounted desk that folds up into a small cabinet
Folding desk. Photo: Zanui

Standing desk

Standing is the new sitting, and desk risers that allow your workspace to go between both have been very popular lately.

For $188, this table-top Ergolux Riser sits on top of your existing desk to convert it into a standing work station.

table-top Ergolux Riser desk
Table-top Ergolux Riser. Photo: Kogan

Similarly, this $135 Monoprice Desk Riser from Amazon sits on top of your current desk but doesn’t have a separate level for your keyboard.

If you don’t already have a desk, this Ergolux Dual Motor Standing Desk is a sleek-looking option that's much more aesthetically pleasing as the whole desk rises, however it’s also more expensive at $449.

standing desk
Standing desk. Photo: Kogan

Laptop stand

Working from your laptop is much easier than lugging all your whole desk set up home from the office, but it isn’t the most ergonomic option, particularly when working for extended periods of time.

Save your neck with a laptop stand that you can adjust to bring the screen to your eye level.

A cheapie that comes with good reviews is this $18 stand from Amazon Australia.

Laptop stand
Laptop stand. Photo: Amazon Australia

This foldable aluminum laptop stand is also on sale at the moment from Kogan and is priced at $35 instead of $60.

For something less clunky looking, this stand is specifically designed for Macbooks and Apple notebooks and is currently on sale for $73.

macbook and Apple notebook stand
Macbook stand. Photo: Amazon Australia

Wireless keyboard and mouse

Once you’ve got your laptop set up on a stand, you’ll need a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep your desk space clear of cables.

This set from Logitech is minimalist and comes in black, blue, pink or white and has an 18 month battery-life. The keyboard is priced at $79.95 and the mouse at $39.95.

Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse. Photo: Logitech

Meanwhile this wireless keyboard and mouse set from Dell is currently on sale at The Good Guys for just $44.

Dell Wireless keyboard and mouse
Wireless keyboard and mouse. Photo: Dell

Cable organiser

If wires are already a part of your set up, a cheap cable organiser can help keep things neat and tidy.

This $10 silicone gem attaches discretely to the side of your desk and eliminates that messy jumble or computer cables.

Cable organiser
Cable organiser. Photo: Amazon Australia

Charging dock

Another way to keep things tidy is to pick up a charging station to store your tech and hide your charging cables. This $15 bamboo one from Kogan will charge your iPhone and Apple Watch.

iPhone and Apple Watch charging station
iPhone and Apple Watch charging station. Photo: Kogan

Desk mat

Look the part with a cute desk mat like this $37 vegan leather one that comes in six colours and has a handy cable clip at the top.

vegan leather desk mat
Desk mat. Photo: Amazon Australia


No home office is complete without the right chair, and this velvet beauty from Zanui will bring plenty of style.

velvet office chair
Velvet office chair. Photo: Zanui

For something a bit more ergonomic, this $289 mesh chair with a headrest comes with good reviews on Temple & Webster.

mesh chair with a headrest from Temple & Webster
Mesh office chair. Photo: Temple & Webster

Foot rest

Kick your feet up with a foot rest to make your set up a little more comfortable. This $15 option is a simple design that has a removable, machine-washable cover.

foot rest
Foot rest. Photo: Kogan

Noise cancelling headphones with microphone

Shut out everyone else in your household with a set of noise cancelling headphones or earbuds. Just make sure you choose a pair that has an inbuilt microphone so you can use them for all your zoom meetings.

This popular pair from Bose is on sale for $376 from $599 on Amazon Australia.

Bose noise cancelling headphones
Bose noise cancelling headphones. Photo: Bose

If you prefer an earbud style, these Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds from Sennheiser retail for $499.

Sennheiser Noise Cancelling Earbuds
Sennheiser Noise Cancelling Earbuds. Photo: Sennheiser


Create the perfect ambiance for productivity with a smart lighting system that lets you turn your lights on and off and alter the tone and colour of the light from your smartphone.

This Phillips Hue Play two pack is on sale for $198 right now.

This Phillips Hue Play smart lighting
Phillips Hue Play smart lighting. Photo: Phillips

A more traditional, but still chic-looking option is this $30 lamp from Matt Blatt.

$30 desk light from Matt Blatt
Desk light: Photo: Matt Blatt

Canva subscription

Make all your assets and imagery look professional with a subscription to Canva. It’s like Photoshop but easier to use and less expensive at $164 a year.

There’s also a free version which gives you limited access to templates and images, but the subscription version has thousands more, plus an instant background remover tool that lets you isolate the subject of an image from its background.

Canva templates to customise
Canva templates to customise. Photo: Canva

Coffee machine

Few people are at their best at work without a coffee, and if you’re spending a lot of time working from home, you may as well save on disposable coffee cups by investing in a decent home coffee machine.

The DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo pod machine is $249 and really quick and simple to use.

DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo pod machine
DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo pod machine. Photo: Bing Lee

Meanwhile, if you prefer the barista experience, this compact Breville The Bambino manual machine gives you a cafe-style coffee without taking up all of your kitchen bench space.

Breville The Bambino manual coffee machine
Breville The Bambino. Photo: Breville


There’s no point rugging up if you leave your feet out to catch a chill, which is where this Aussie classic comes in.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of UGGs, these unisex short UGGs made of Aussie sheepskin are on sale for $99.

unisex short UGGs made of Aussie sheepskin
Short UGG boots. Photo: UGG Express

These cute scuffette slides are also on sale at the moment, down to $84.

ugg scuffette slides
Scuffette slides. Photo: UGG

The world of UGGs can be confusing to navigate with so many brands with almost identical names on the market. Just make sure you’re buying a product that uses genuine Australian sheepskin for the best quality pair.

Microwavable slippers

Microwavable slippers are a new trend that’s been gaining traction this winter. They’re just like regular slippers except you can pop them into the microwave to keep your toes extra warm.

These Oprah-approved babies have dried millet seeds and french lavender packed into the lining so that after zapping them for a minute, they can keep your feet toasty for up to an hour.

microwavable slippers
Microwavable slippers. Photo: Amazon Australia

Hooked blanket

Hooded blankets are one of lockdown’s biggest trends and they’re great for working from home too.

These oversized hoodies are super cosy and give you that feeling of having your head and shoulders cocooned in a blanket all day long.

Oodie has a wide range of prints and currently has $25 off a number of its designs.

Bulldog Oodie
Bulldog Oodie. Photo: Oodie

Meanwhile, Bonds has a similar, although less padded version, which is 50 percent off right now, down to $47.40.

Bonds wearable blanket
Bonds oversized hoodie. Photo: Bonds

Heated blanket

If you want even more warmth, there’s no looking past a heated throw. As long as you have a powerpoint nearby, you can keep your legs nice and toasty through the coldest of winter days.

This $50 throw is made of soft microfleece and can be adjusted up to 55 degrees.

Heated microfleece throw
Heated microfleece throw. Photo: Matt Blatt

For something a little more chic, this $89 design has a faux fur look and nine heat settings.

Faux fur heated throw
Faux fur heated throw. Photo: Temple & Webster

Weighted blanket

If stress is weighing heavy on your shoulders, a weighted blanket might be good to help you relax at the end of the day.

The idea is based on research that shows the weight sewn into these blankets can have a calming effect on your nervous system and even aid in reducing insomnia when used overnight.

Calming Blankets Australia has up to 50 percent off at the moment with the code WINTER, bringing the price of an Adult Blanket down to $189 from $299.

Weighted blanket from Calming Blankets Australia
Weighted blanket. Photo: Calming Blankets Australia


Loungewear has become the workwear of choice for many Aussies since the start of the pandemic, as people opt for the most comfy clothing possible while stuck indoors.

Kim Kardashian has the right idea and her fluffy SKIMS loungewear set is cosy, luxe and warm over winter.

Loungewear from Kimmy K's brand SKIMS
SKIMS fluffy loungewear. Photo: NET-A-PORTER

It’s not the cheapest option however, with a set of wide-legged knit pants and a matching wrap top setting you back $240.

For a much more affordable take on the trend, Uniqlo has a set of fluffy women’s loungewear for $80.

A more heavy duty option that’s sure to keep you warm is this fleece set from Weekend Collective with a cropped sweater for $44 and matching set of tracksuit pants for $50 with 25 percent off with the code 25DEAL.

Weekend Collective cropped fleece sweater and matching set of tracksuit pants
Weekend Collective loungewear set. Photo: ASOS

Home exercise equipment

Working from home means less time commuting and more time to squeeze in a home workout.

Everlast Boxing has skipping ropes for $10 and exercise balls from $35.

Everlast exercise ball
Everlast exercise ball. Photo: Everlast

Lululemon has a range of prettily coloured yoga blocks and mats, including an $89 foldable mat that’s much easier to store and carry around that the traditional kind.

Lululemon Foldable yoga mat
Foldable yoga mat. Photo: Lululemon

Massage gun

Work through any sitting-related aches and pains with a hand-held massage gun. They use strong pulses to work muscle tissue to increase blood flow and help to reduce tension and inflammation, and are particularly good at targeting a specific problem area.

The RENPHO Massage Gun is the best selling one on Amazon Australia and at $160 comes with six different heads, 20 speeds and an 8-hour battery life on a rechargeable battery.

RENPHO Massage Gun
RENPHO Massage Gun. Photo: Amazon Australia

Meanwhile, the more pricey Theragun has become a bit of a cult buy, with the lightweight Elite model retailing for $649.

theragun massage gun
Tharagun massage gun. Photo: Theragun

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