Tiffiny Hall reveals she's battling a number of health issues: 'It's tough'

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Tiffiny Hall took to Instagram on Monday to share some tough news with her followers, revealing she's been battling a number of health issues, but thankfully, she's on the mend.

"Okay, deep breath," she wrote. "I've decided to share something very personal with you today. For some time now I’ve been battling a little with my health. A lot actually.

Tiffiny Hall poses for selfie
Tiffiny Hall has shared some personal news to Instagram, revealing she's been battling a number of health issues recently, but is on the mend. Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall

"After a gazillion tests to figure out what could be wrong, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME [myalgic encephalomyelitis] and POTS [postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome] – a blood pressure condition which in my case is genetic."


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME causes those affected to feel extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn't go away with adequate rest. POTS is a condition that affects blood flow and causes people to feel lightheaded or even faint, there might be a rapid increase in heart rate with symptoms only relieved by lying down.

"This has been hard to accept and honestly, has felt like rock bottom at times," Tiffiny continued. "While I’m staying positive, recovery is tough and will mean taking a break for a little while to get well again. This is one of the hardest decisions, but I have to practise what I teach. For now, I’m prioritising recovery and family, and hopefully will be back in no time."

Tiffiny said the diagnoses
Tiffiny said the diagnoses "felt like rock bottom at times". Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall

The former Biggest Loser trainer added that she will be taking some time away from social media while she rests.

"It's been my life's mission to empower women, so I hope that by sharing this I can inspire others facing any kind of struggle, big or small, to stay strong and count their rainbows, not their thunderstorms," the trainer finished.

The post's comments were flooded with support with David Hughes commenting, "Take all the time you need legend. You got this."

Erin Molan added, "Sending lots of love beautiful."

Tiffiny said she hoped
Tiffiny said she hoped "by sharing this I can inspire others facing any kind of struggle, big or small, to stay strong and count their rainbows, not their thunderstorm". Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall

One follower wrote, "Thank you for being a shining light of strength and positivity for so many! Now we are sending you strength, determination and positivity! You can do this!"

Another added, "Thank you for always being real, and honest, and incredibly inspiring. Wishing you the best & sending light and support back at you from all of us out here."

Tiffiny thanked those who sent her messages of support during a chat with News.Com.Au.

She explained to the publication she first suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in high school, added, "It’s very common for CFS to re-present itself over time, but after being in remission for over 20 years up until now, I’m confident I can beat it again."

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