'Everything I loathe': Tiff Hall slams 'gimmick' brand over fake photo

Penny Burfitt
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Tiffiny Hall has slammed a company after they used her image to promote a 'gimmick'. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

Fitness entrepreneur Tiffany Hall has come out swinging against a brand that cobbled together a fake before and after snap of her using a post-baby photo, in a move the trainer slammed as ‘fat-shaming’.

The former Biggest Loser trainer took to Instagram yesterday evening to share the shocking tale, after she found her own image being used to promote weight loss stickers, a product that claims to help the body burn fat through adhesive.

Screenshots taken from the product’s Amazon page show two photos of the mum placed side-by-side above the caption ‘Before & After’, with the brand suggesting the fitness fanatic’’s ‘weight loss’ is down to their nifty stickers.

Tiff slams ‘gimmick’ product

This image of Tiffiny Hall was used by a weight loss company without the trainer's permission. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

As it turns out, the image is neither a result of the product nor even a ‘weight loss’ transformation, as Tiff explained.

“I've built my TIFFXO program and community around a passion for helping women to feel their best through genuine healthy lifestyle habits, not quick fixes,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Products such as this not only don't work, they also send a damaging message to women everywhere that weight loss is the only important thing when it comes to health, which couldn't be further from the truth.”

It was a sentiment she first shared in a scathing Instagram post directed at ‘Aroamas’, the brand behind the ad. 

“This company is using my image without my permission to sell their product,” she shared, going on to slam the product itself as an ineffective and misleading tool.

“Worse- the product is everything I loathe and have fought against my entire career - weight loss gimmicks.”

‘Fake’ transformation called out

Tiff and husband Ed Kavalee welcomed son Arnold in 2017. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

Furthermore, the mum explained the ‘before’ snap was in fact an ‘after’ - after giving birth that is.

Tiffany welcomed baby boy Arnold with her husband comedian and radio host Ed Kavalee in 2017.

“The company implied that in the 'before' shot I should be ashamed of my body when really, I couldn't have been prouder of it at the time,” she says.

“I was eight weeks port-partum, recovering and adjusting to my new life as a mother after delivering a beautiful, healthy baby boy.”

“I didn’t feel out of shape or ashamed of that body, I was in the 4th trimester still recovering,” she reiterated on the Instagram photo.

Tiffany then absolutely slammed the company and product, urging followers not to buy or even pay attention to what she called ‘stupid weight loss stickers’.

“No weight loss product is going to take the place of hard work and determination,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Fans rally around Tiff

Tiff sent a strong message to her followers about the product. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall_xo

Grateful fans took to the comments with thanks and encouraging messages of support.

“Thank goodness I read your caption...I was so surprised to see you endorsing this!!!” one wrote.

“What the hell?! That’s appalling,” another said.

“I’m disgusted with companies that lie and mislead people like this,” another wrote.

“I loved your honesty post-pregnancy and positivity about the realities of pregnancy and not putting pressure on yourself to instantly recover,” one person encouraged.

“I’m sorry your picture is being used, and hopefully those that follow you will know it’s complete bullsh*t.”

The image is no longer visible on the Amazon Australia product page.

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