Tiffiny Hall hospitalised with ‘severed’ wrist ligament

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Tiffiny Hall has shown off a “new accessory” on her arm after she was taken to hospital for surgery on a ‘severed’ wrist ligament.

The fitness trainer took to her instagram stories to update her followers on what had happened, admitting she had ignored the “big mess” for “many, many months”.

Tiffiny Hall hospital
Tiffiny Halldescribed her wrist as a 'big mess'. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall

“Hi guys. As you can see I’m sporting a new accessory,” she said on her Instagram stories on Thursday night, revealing that she’s had a reconstruction of her wrist.

“Many of you may relate, being a mum, I had a little pain in my wrist and I just ignored it,” she continued.

“Because you know you are a mum and you’re running around and working and looking after everybody else.”

She says she just put it down to ‘parents wrist’ from lifting son Arnold up and down.


tiffiny hall hospital surgery
She had a severed wrist ligament. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall

“So I just didn’t look into it,” she said.

She went on to describe the injury, saying she had severed a ligament and had bones that “had moved around in her wrist”.

The former Biggest Loser trainer went on to say is recovering well and has started to get some movement back into her fingers.

“For now, I’m just going to rest up and i’ll be back to it very soon,” she told her followers.

tiffany hall
Tiff admits she ignored the pain putting it down to 'parents wrist'. Photo: Instagram/tiffhall

It comes after Tiffiny shared a body positive post earlier this month in the first days of summer, urging everyone to practice ‘self love’.

The 36-year-old mum, was praised by her legion of fans after taking to her Instagram account to upload a series of images, saying: “There is no such thing as a bikini body”.

Tiffany and her husband Ed Kavalee welcomed her son Arnold into the world in 2017, and the personal trainer regularly shared some photos from pre and postpartum journey.

“From stretch marks and loose skin, to people with chiseled abs or (what some might call) “bulky” muscles. From postpartum bodies to cellulite or TTOTM bloating. From heavy, light, curvy, straight, jiggly and broad, to everything in between – all bodies are fit to rock a bikini,” Tiffiny continued.

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