The Wiggles' Greg Page returns a year after shock on-stage collapse

The original members of the Wiggles are set to return to the stage for a special series of adults-only shows to celebrate a huge 30 years in the spotlight.

The nation-wide tour will mark the first time Yellow Wiggle Greg Page will perform with his bandmates —Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt — since he suffered a cardiac arrest mid-show in January last year.

The Wiggles original band members Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Greg Page. Photo: supplied.
The Wiggles original band members Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Greg Page will reunite for a national tour in 2022. Photo: supplied.

The 49-year-old collapsed on stage during the band's bushfire relief concert at Sydney's Castle Hill RSL where he was treated by members of the Wiggles cast and crew, as well as a nurse from the audience, before being rushed to hospital.

Greg, who has a circulatory system disorder, underwent a 'procedure' and was discharged a few days later.

OG Wiggles on tour

Kicking off in February 2022, the Wiggles' over-18s gigs will feature some of the beloved band's most popular songs as well as cameos from characters such as Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, and Henry the Octopus.

In keeping with the grown-up theme, the band will be accompanied by a "wild support act" such as Polish Club and DZ Deathrays.

Speaking about the upcoming tour, Greg said he was looking forward to getting back on stage but joked that he'd have to take it a bit easier for the sake of his health.


Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page and Murray Cook of The Wiggles perform on stage during The Wiggles Celebration Tour at Sydney Entertainment Centre on December 23, 2012 in Sydney, Australia
The OG Wiggles marked Greg, Murray and Jeff's retirement with a huge tour in 2012. Photo: Getty Images.

"I may have to pull back a bit on the dancing this time around though!" he said.

The OG Wiggles tour news came with two other huge announcements, including current Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins' departure from the group. After 11 years with the Wiggles, Emma will be replaced by 15-year-old newcomer Tsehay Hawkins.

Tsehay will join existing band members Anthony, Lachy Gillespie and Simon Pryce on a brand-new Fruit Salad TV Big Show arena tour which also kicks off in February next year.

Yellow Wiggle's medical emergency

Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page has long been open about his battle with orthostatic intolerance, a circulatory system disorder that affects blood flow and can cause sufferers to faint, become weak or, more seriously, experience heart issues.

The condition saw him retire from the group in 2006 after 15 years, with understudy Sam Moran pulling on the iconic yellow skivvy.

Greg returned in 2012 but stepped back along with Murray and Jeff at the end of that same year.

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page wears a white hospital gown in bed while recovering in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest on stage on January 17, 2020
Yellow Wiggle Greg Page recovered in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest on stage in January 2020. Photo: Twitter/thewiggles.

The band's sold-out bushfire relief show on January 17, 2020 was supposed to be their grand return but ended in near-tragedy when Greg suffered a cardiac arrest toward the end.

Footage from the Castle Hill RSL gig shows Greg thanking the 800-strong crowd before collapsing at the side of the stage, a flurry of people rushing to his aid as the curtain is hastily drawn.

Backstage, Wiggles drummer Steve Pace and crew member Kimmy Antonell administered CPR and 23-year-old nurse Grace Jones, who was in the audience, used a defibrillator three times to get Greg's heart pumping again.

He was taken to Westmead Hospital where he underwent a 'procedure'.

"He was gone. He came off stage and collapsed and there was no pulse, there was no breathing," Blue Wiggle Anthony told 7News outside the hospital the following day.

Greg remained in hospital for several days before being discharged and sent home to ‘rest’ and ‘recover’.

He opened up about the experience on radio less than a month later, telling 2GB's Ray Hadley that he "nearly didn't make it".

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