'Nearly didn't make it': Yellow Wiggle Greg Page's warning after cardiac arrest

Yellow wiggle greg page giving interview at 2GB
Greg Page opens up in new interview since cardiac arrest. Photo: 2GB

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page has opened up for the first time about what happened when he collapsed on stage and went into cardiac arrest during The Wiggles Bushfire Relief concert last month.

In his first interview since the incident, which saw the original band member rushed to Westmead hospital in an ambulance on January 17, Greg revealed he doesn't actually remember anything that happened prior to his collapse at the Castle Hill RSL due to ‘trauma amnesia’.

Speaking on 2GB, he also shared a warning to others to always get checked.

“I don't know what happened. Obviously, I had a cardiac arrest,” he told Ray Hadley.

“I thought I was fit and I guess that's part of this message — no matter how fit and strong you think you are, you may still be susceptible. So make sure you have the checks done.”

The Original Wiggles pictured at bushfire concert
The original Wiggles reunited for a bushfire relief concert. Photo: Getty

He went on to explain he had slightly increased his fitness routine to help prepare him for the “tough show”, and even went to the doctor six weeks before hand.

“I went to the doctor six weeks before the concert and got blood work done to test for cholesterol. [It was] a little high, but not enough for them to be concerned,” Greg said.

“So I went happily on my way and I wiggled my butt off that night and nearly didn't make it.”

Greg Page Yellow Wiggle pictures in Hospital
Greg Page shares a photo from his hospital bed. Photo: Twitter/TheWiggles

Greg discharged from hospital to rest and recover

Greg was discharged from hospital and sent home to ‘rest’ and ‘recover’, after undergoing a procedure.

“Thank you all for your questions and concerns about Greg. We are happy to let you know that he has been discharged from hospital today and will now begin a journey of rest and recovery at home,” the group shared on Twitter almost a week after the collapse.

The ‘medical incident’ occurred at the end of the group’s over-18’s only fundraiser performance at Castle Hill RSL, with footage showing Greg thanking the 800-strong crowd before collapsing at the side of the stage.

A flurry of people rushes across the stage to Greg’s aid as the curtain is hastily drawn.

Amid the confusion, Red Wiggle Murray Cook addresses the audience, saying that the band won’t be playing their final song, “Hot Potato”.

“Guys I think we're going to end it there. Greg's not feeling real well. I think he's going to be OK but he's not feeling real well so I don't think we can go on with another song,” he says.

Greg Page’s health woes

Greg has long been open about his battle with orthostatic intolerance, a circulatory system disorder that affects blood flow and can cause sufferers to faint, become weak or, more seriously, experience heart issues.

The condition saw him retire from the group in 2006 after 15 years, with understudy Sam Moran pulling on the iconic yellow skivvy.

Greg returned in 2012 but stepped back along with Murray and Jeff at the end of that same year. The sold-out bushfire relief show was the first time the four original Wiggles members - Greg, Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt - would perform together in eight years.

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