'Rest and recovery': Yellow Wiggle Greg Page discharged from hospital

Yellow wiggle greg page on stage
Yellow Wiggle Greg Page is on the mend. Photo: Getty

Yellow Wiggle Greg Page has been discharged from hospital and sent home to ‘rest’ and ‘recover’ after he collapsed on stage and went into cardiac arrest during The Wiggles Bushfire Relief concert last Friday.

He was treated by medics on the scene as the group stopped the show, before being rushed to hospital where he underwent a ‘procedure’.

“Thank you all for your questions and concerns about Greg. We are happy to let you know that he has been discharged from hospital today and will now begin a journey of rest and recovery at home,” the group shared on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Your thoughts and prayers for Greg have meant the world to him and his family, but moving forward, they ask for some privacy so Greg can focus on his recovery. Out of respect for Greg and his wishes, we won’t be sharing any more updates. Thank you.”

Photo: Twitter/TheWiggles
Photo: Twitter/TheWiggles

Fans shared their relief at the news online with many sending wishes of a speedy recovery.

“Take care Greg,” one fan wrote.

“Thank you for sharing this. All the best Greg,” another wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Yellow Wiggle collapses

The ‘medical incident’ occurred at the end of the group’s over-18’s only fundraiser performance at Castle Hill RSL, with footage showing Greg thanking the 800-strong crowd before collapsing at the side of the stage.

A flurry of people rushes across the stage to Greg’s aid as the curtain is hastily drawn.

Amid the confusion, Red Wiggle Murray Cook addresses the audience, saying that the band won’t be playing their final song, “Hot Potato”.

“Guys I think we're going to end it there. Greg's not feeling real well. I think he's going to be OK but he's not feeling real well so I don't think we can go on with another song,” he says.

Hero nurse who saved Greg Page’s life

Grace Jones, a 23-year-old nurse at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, was attending the concert when she jumped in to help Greg after the collapse.

Grace approached a security guard and asked if anyone required medical assistance. She was lead backstage where she saw drummer Steve Pace and crew member Kimmy Antonell performing CPR.

“I went in and I just used all the knowledge that helped him, and saved him,” she told reporters on Saturday.

Grace hugs Red Wiggle Murray Cook
Grace hugs Red Wiggle Murray Cook. Photo: Facebook/Grace Jones

Grace used a defibrillator three times to shock Greg and was able to miraculously get his heart pumping again, continuing to work on him for 20 minutes until paramedics arrived.

“I didn’t go to the concert expecting to do that so it all feels a bit surreal,” she added.

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