The Traitors star reveals truth behind 'scary' TV moment: 'Acting'

He managed to make it through four episodes and help eliminate 10 competitors, but on Monday night Angus became the first Traitor to be banished from Channel Ten’s wild new reality TV show The Traitors.

The series, which is hosted by Rodger Corser, follows 24 contestants known as Faithfuls living in an old hotel where they must complete challenges to win a prize pool worth up to $250,000.

However, four of the Faithfuls are secretly Traitors who must lie, deceive and manipulate to win the game by eliminating their opponents one by one.

The Traitors' Angus.
The Traitors’ Angus has opened up about his time on the reality show. Photo: Channel Ten

Following his elimination, Angus spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle about his time on the show and how he felt about being sent home.

“I couldn’t be more stoked about how the show panned out,” he says. “It was fun, it was a massive challenge, but it's good to be on the outside of that tunnel.

“I’m actually glad there were no cameras on me in the taxi home from the airport because I swear the driver was a plant and he was going to tell me I was actually still in the game. I was losing my mind!”


While the 38-year-old sales manager admits there were “a couple of little mistakes” that were made along the way, he says he wouldn’t change a thing about his experience.

“I was thrown straight under the bus by the clairvoyant, and I guess at the time I didn't really care,” he shares. “It was just a paper cut.

“But that paper cut began to fester and in the end, that was my demise. It threw the spotlight on me early, and I was sort of already defending myself from the second episode.”

The Traitors' Angus.
‘It was fun, it was a massive challenge, but it's good to be on the outside of that tunnel.’ Photo: Channel Ten

‘He was completely acting’

Another incident that threw suspicion onto Angus was when he raced against fellow Traitor Nigel in the lake to reach an immunity shield and pushed him underwater to try and steal it from him.

He also received plenty of worried glances from the Faithfuls when he later told Nigel, “Murder, it did cross my mind”.

While the incident sparked controversy amongst the group and lead to Angus’ eventual elimination, he says that it wasn’t as dramatic as others made it out to be.

“I would do it again because drowning your mates when you’re out in the water is hilarious,” he laughs.

He went on to say that Nigel, who he describes as “a fit, strong guy”, was only pretending when he told the other players he felt frightened being pushed into the water.

“He was completely acting about how he was scared,” Angus continues. “It was water off a duck’s back. He needed to justify why he voted for me, and that was the easiest way to justify it. And with a little bit of performance, he got it over the line.”

The Traitors' Angus pushing Nigel under the water.
Angus caused controversy when he pushed Nigel under the water. Photos: Channel Ten

‘He was such a bloody legend’

Speaking about the remainder of the competition, Angus believes that the show’s eventual winner will be someone that people wouldn’t expect.

“There are a lot of people playing an under-the-radar kind of game,” he shares.

“I’m expecting Craig to be there until the end. I feel as though Mark will be murdered, he’s probably the strongest player and I feel like he’ll get too close and he’ll be kicked off.

“I’m Team Lewis, to be honest, he was such a bloody legend. I had a lot of time with him and I’d really like to see him take the crown.”

The Traitors continues tonight on Channel Ten at 7:30pm

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