Channel Ten's new reality show The Traitors divides viewers: 'Creepy'

Viewers were left divided on Sunday night after tuning in to watch the premiere of Channel Ten’s brand new reality TV show The Traitors.

The Rodger Corser-hosted series, which is based on a Dutch show of the same name and is set to be remade in both the US and the UK next year, bears similarities to the party game Mafia and the reality competition The Mole.

The Traitors logo.
Channel Ten’s new reality TV show The Traitors has divided viewers online. Photo: Channel Ten

24 contestants, known as the Faithfuls, live together in an old hotel where they must complete challenges to win a prize pool worth up to $250,000.

However, four of the Faithfuls are secretly Traitors who must lie, deceive and manipulate to win the game by eliminating their opponents one by one.

While the game’s concept is already scary enough, with players being ‘murdered’ throughout the night, the Traitors also must wear red hooded cloaks and gold masks when they meet in secret.


Viewers at home took to social media during the premiere to share their thoughts on the show, with people comparing it to Eyes Wide Shut and Pretty Little Liars.

“Why is this so creepy?!” one person wrote, while another added, “This is actually spooky”.

“What is this cult s**t, I’m scared,” a third tweeted, followed by someone else who said, “Where do I get myself one of these fetching red traitor robes?”.

“All reality TV shows should have contestants wear culty looking robes and a masquerade mask,” a different user joked. “I want next year’s MasterChef to have Melissa [Leong] descend onto the kitchen like the Phantom of the f**king Opera.”

The Traitors dressed in red hooded cloaks with gold masks.
The Traitors must wear red hooded cloaks and gold face masks when they meet in secret. Photo: Channel Ten

Viewers divided

Quite a few people online admitted they weren’t too keen on continuing with the season after the watching premiere episode, with one person even going as far as to say it was “boring”.

“It's good, but somehow simultaneously tediously slow and insanely rushed,” one viewer tweeted, with another arguing, “It's sooooooo bad. It’s just people squealing”.

“I think this would be a better viewing experience if we, the audience, didn't know who the traitors are,” someone else suggested. “I’m not sure what the hook is to keep me invested in watching it.”

“Is it going to be like this every episode? It's kind of slow but at least it is good background noise,” another wrote.

However, The Traitors did succeed in racking up plenty of fans, with one viewer tweeting: “This show is sensational.”

“Loving this show,” another remarked, while a different user replied, “This is like a reality TV version of Among Us”.

“Really enjoyed it well done. Much better than another dating show,” a fourth shared, followed by someone else who said, “I am so hooked and sold and in and committed and obsessed”.

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