The tomato sauce cleaning hack people are going wild for: 'Worked wonders'

Forget pricey cleaning agents, all you need is this common pantry staple.

Forget spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing your drain to get it sparkling clean, because there's a pretty nifty TikTok hack for that. And best of all, you only need one of your kitchen cupboard staples to try it yourself.

People have been taking to social media in their droves to call the tomato sauce hack a miracle, with the results showing for themselves.

Tomato sauce cleaning hack on a drain
A dousing of tomato sauce to this person's drain left garnered some impressive results. Photo: Facebook

Many are simply buying the cheapest brand of tomato sauce they can find from their local supermarket and applying it to their drains overnight, before wiping it off in the morning.

The transformations are evident all over Facebook, with one person posting their before and after snap, alongside the caption: “Thank you for the Tomato sauce hack! I left tomato sauce on the drain overnight, cleaned it with a soft cloth this morning and voila…It worked wonders!”


Tomato sauce on rusty drain
People are claiming it takes rust off their drains. Photo: Facebook

Another person said they’d previously tried to use many products to clean the drains of the house they’d just moved into, with no luck.

“Before, during and after of a drain in the house we just moved into. I left the sauce there overnight,’ the posted wrote, showing the pretty incredible results.

However, one person did note that it might not work as well on older drains and could leave a mark. They recommend doing a patch test to avoid staining your drains red.

Tomato sauce cleaning hack on an old drain
However, others have said it doesn't work as well for older drains. Photo: Facebook

While many were impressed by the hack, others had some concerns, with one person writing: “Awesome but concerning, I eat so much sauce!!”

“Bon apetite. Tomato sauce. It must be a good thing for the stomach,” another said.

Tomato sauce contains acetic acid, from the vinegar found in the ingredients. This makes it the perfect cleaning agent for things like brassware and silverware. According to the British Heart Foundation, there is 4.1g of sugar in just one teaspoon of the sauce.

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