Aussie woman wows with $12 cleaning hack: 'Need to know this magic'

This trick for sprucing up outdoor furniture is super simple yet extremely effective.

There are plenty of hacks using clothing stain removers as a cleaning agent for lounges, tiles, ovens and grout, but who knew they can offer great results on outdoor furniture too?

One woman recently sent people into a frenzy after posting pics of a Napisan-powered transformation of her worn-out old timber chairs. While the product is well-known for other hacks around the home, upcycle enthusiasts were left stunned at how well it revived outdoor furniture. "Chairs done! Napisan for the win," the woman posted, alongside before-and-after photos.

Before and after photos of a wooden deck chair
Napisan gave this old chair a new lease on life. Photo: Facebook

Dozens of Facebook demanded to know more. "Dude, can't make a statement like this and leave us all hanging! Details, details, details please and thank you," one person wrote. "I need to know this magic!" agreed another.


How she did it

Responding to the questions, the woman finally revealed how she achieved such incredible results. "I was stuck without a car so couldn't go buy deck cleaner," she began."“Google says Napisan is just as good and I had that."

A tub of NapiSan Vanish Oxi Advance
It seems NapiSan can be used for more than just clothes and titles. Photo:

First she used the stain remover to make a "slurry" paste then she put it on each chair and left it for 20 minutes before scrubbing it off to reveal refreshed finishes. "Greatly improved silvering. Then I lightly sanded and oiled two coats," she added.

'This is insane'

The unlikely cleaning hack shocked Facebook users, with many saying they had no idea it could be used on timber. "This is amazing. I had those chairs n the bird poo was impossible. I wish I'd thought of Napisan!" one person wrote. "Amazing!!!!! So clever!!!" added another, while a third commented, "Fabulous result!"

It turns out there are other unlikely ways to add new life to your outdoor furniture too though, with one person suggesting that Coke will do the job just as well. “No different to coke. Tip it on and rub over with a brush then hose, she revealed.

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