Fridge cleaning hack sparks fierce debate: 'Just disgusting'

The mundane task of cleaning out the fridge just got a whole lot simpler thanks to this handy little hack, but not everyone is convinced it's a good idea.

Sharing the tip on social media, a woman who runs a "judgement-free" cleaning hacks Facebook page posted her top fridge cleaning tip which she says "makes life easier".

After removing some stuck-on food from the shelves with a mini scraper, the woman wipes the shelf down before covering it with a common household item - cling wrap. "Put cling wrap on the shelves for next time," she wrote. "Then next time all you have to do is toss."

Fridge cleaning hack
The woman demonstrated how she removes caked-on spills in her fridge, before sharing a cleaning hack for preventing them from happening again. Photo: Facebook

The hack was praised by many who said it was an "awesome idea".

"I have all boys and this would definitely help. They spill things and act as if they didn't see it," one mum wrote.


"​​Never thought of this before. Every now and then I get something on that shelf and go through this scrubbing stuff. Nice hack," added another.

"Never thought about cling wrap. Going to do that today as I am cleaning out the fridge. Kids always spill something in the fridge. This will be so easy and quick to clean," commented a third.

Cling wrap applied across fridge shelves
Cling wrap across the glass bottom fridge shelf catches all spills, but not everyone loves the idea. Photo: Facebook.


While some appreciated the time-saving hack, others wondered who lets their fridge get that dirty to begin with.

"How can you let your fridge get to be this disgusting? Why not clean your spills and mess immediately? Gross. Take everything out of that refrigerator and clean it properly, don't you think? Must be overdue," one person wrote.


"How about just wet wiping it every time you put groceries in? Takes 20 seconds," another added, while someone else commented, "Or clean your fridge when you spill something instead of letting it crust, grow mould, spread bacteria, etc".

Following the nasty comments, the author of the post reiterated what her channel is all about, writing: "This is a judgement-free cleaning motivation page... what the comment section shows is exactly why we need it. You are not a better person because you clean better, or because your method is different. You are not better because your house is better. Kindness is free, and beyond that it is rewarding."

Cling wrap protecting lower fridge shelves from spills
The woman uses the hack to keep the bottom glass shelves in her fridge clean because they aren't able to be removed. Photo: Facebook

Several followers jumped to the woman's defence, saying her videos were helpful and not everyone has time to keep things clean because "life just happens".

"I'm pretty sure everyone at some point let their fridge get dirty, it happens by accident - food spills, your life gets busy and you just don't have time. It happens to the best of us," one person wrote.

"Why do people need to be so unkind? It's just a video, if she's helped one person she's accomplished something," added another.

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