The Project's Lisa Wilkinson reveals 'embarrassing' airport incident

The Project's Lisa Wilkinson has posted a furious rant about an "embarrassing" situation at Brisbane and Adelaide airports.

The TV presenter took to Twitter to vent about the new full-body scans at airports, which she says is a "real issue".

"The scan showed up the underwire in my bra and zip on my jeans and I had to have a full pat-down in both areas. Embarrassing, uncomfortable, inappropriate and should be fixed," she said.

ABC journalist Louise Milligan commented, "That's gross", after revealing she experienced a similar incident.

Lisa Wilkinson hosting The Project.
Lisa Wilkinson described the experience as "embarrassing". Source: The Project

"I’m at Sydney Airport and at new full-body security screening was made to take off fitted business jacket (only had little camisole underneath). Have never had this happen anywhere. Man in front, in big bulky jumper, not made to change. It was embarrassing, uncomfortable, creepy," she tweeted.

"I mentioned to lovely Qantas staff and they were incensed and said they have had multiple women complaining of similar security heavy-handedness this week.

"They said a woman was crying after being forced to remove her T-shirt. They’ve complained to airport managers."


Sydney Aiport commented on Louise's tweet, apologising for the incident.

"Louise, we are really sorry this happened and are urgently following it up with our security contractor. Thank you for bringing it to our attention," it said, urging her to send them a DM with further details.

People were outraged by the new scanners, with many sharing their own experiences.

"It's a treat with a hip replacement. Apparently it gives them the right to thoroughly pat down," one said.

"At Brisbane airport today and they patted me down as well. But I was lucky the male officer had a female pat me down but only on my back. Noticed the screen had a yellow square on my back around where my bra strap would be. I’m obviously one of the lucky ones," another said.

"I had this happen at Melbourne airport recently. I was wearing a T-shirt with a white unbuttoned shirt over the top and was asked to take my shirt off. I was alone and it felt so weird," a third added.

An almost deserted domestic terminal is seen at Sydney Airport.
Louise Milligan said she alerted Qantas staff about the situation. Source: AAP

Sydney Airport says on its website travellers must remove "bulky outerwear clothing" like coats and jackets.

Hats and jewellery must also be removed for security screening.

The Department of Home Affairs also states on its website it is the responsibility of airports, airlines and contractors to uphold standards of aviation security screening.

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