The Project's Chrissie Swan suffers Logies fallout live on-air

The Project panel was in fits of laughter on Monday night as host Chrissie Swan suffered a fallout following the Logies live on-air.

As she resumed her hosting duties following Sunday's awards ceremony, Chrissie's voice croaked as she attempted to present the program.

Chrissie Swan and Waleed Aly on The Project.
Chrissie Swan revealed she had lost her voice following the Logies. Source: The Project

“How was your night, Chrissie? How did you go?” co-host Waleed Aly said as the panel shared stories from TV's night of nights.

"Look ... full disclosure," she responded through a cracking voice as the panel laughed at her mishap, with co-host Dave Thornton comparing her the Marlon Brando from The Godfather.

“Whenever I have a very good time, I generally lose my voice. I thought I’d gotten away with it – I did my breakfast radio show this morning – and then it just stopped working. Like a toy.”

Aly revealed they considered finding a replacement for Chrissie for Monday night's show, but it was too late.

“I called the god of The Project at about 2pm and said ‘We’re probably going to have a problem here,'," Chrissie said.

“But I'll solider on.”


The crowd clapped, encouraging Waleed to make one last jab at his co-host.

"That's a good plan actually. Every time you think Chrissie is speaking just do that," he said to the crowd of their applause.

Waleed was also mocked by his co-hosts for his Logies oufit.

"The red suit was brilliant," Steve Price said before adding, "Not sure about the no socks, talk to me before you do that ever again."

Waleed Aly attends the 62nd TV Week Logie Awards. Source: Getty
Waleed Aly attends the 62nd TV Week Logie Awards. Source: Getty

Dave also said he could see where Waleed was heading with the red outfit.

"You like working in a troupe of four," he said before showing a photo of The Wiggles with Waleed photoshopped in as the red member.

The Project had a successful night at the Logies, with it taking home the award for the Most Popular Panel of Current Affairs Program.

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