Steve Price's hilarious 'dad dance' praised on The Project: 'Nailed it'

With 13 million Australians in lockdown, Steve Price decided to give them a bit of a light reprieve from the heavy news on The Project last night with an impromptu 'dad dance'.

NSW reached a "disturbingly high" record of new local COVID-19 cases, Melbourne reintroduced a curfew, a two-week extension of the ACT lockdown was announced and parts of the NT entered a snap 72-hour lockdown.

Steve Price on The Project
Steve Price launched into an impromptu dance on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

And fans of The Project took to the show’s Instagram page in their droves to praise 66-year-old radio host Steve Price, after he decided to get up and dance on the show.

“You did promise us some moves at the end of the show,” Carrie Bickmore said to Steve.


He immediately hopped up and began to dance to music, with his co-hosts clapping him on in the background.

“Nailed it,” he said, with Carrie Bickmore saying: “If that doesn’t make you smile.”

Waleed Aly added: “Normally that would be a low point.”

Fans loved Pricey impromptu dance online, with one person writing: “HUGE thank you Pricey!! We are in lockdown, working from home, home schooling and totally over it. In addition my husband is an Afghanistan veteran with PTSD so today was just hard in all directions. We were finding it difficult to find anything to smile about but Pricey, your dance! We smiled, then giggled, then outright laughed! Huge thank you - you’re an absolute gem!

Steve Price getting the COVID-19 vaccination
'Fully jabbed with Astra' Steve captioned this post on his Instagram page. Photo: Instagram/Steve Price

“Thank you Pricey- sometimes we need to just dance” another person wrote.

“Well done Pricey! Really needed that. You rock!” a third wrote.

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