The Project’s Hamish Macdonald mocked during first episode back

Just one month after he announced his departure from ABC’s current affairs program Q+A, Hamish Macdonald officially made his return to The Project on Sunday night.

The 40-year-old was joined by co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson, Jan Fran and Tommy Little, who wasted no time in poking fun at his re-appearance.

Hamish Macdonald on The Project.
Hamish returned to The Project on Sunday night after hosting Q+A for 18 months. Photo: Instagram/theprojecttv

Hamish was welcomed with resounding applause at the start of the Channel 10 show, saying that he was “very happy to be back”.

“I’ve missed you a lot,” he said, before directing his attention to Tommy and adding, “I haven’t missed him quite so much”.


Tommy quickly remarked that Hamish looks much different to his short-lived predecessor Peter van Onselen.

“Hamish MacDonald, that makes so much sense because in our meeting today, I was like, ‘Damn, PVO is looking hot’,” he quipped.

Tommy Little and Hamish Macdonald on The Project.
Fans online said that they had missed the banter between Tommy and Hamish. Photos: Channel 10

The banter continued when the panel discussed a German study about the preference of different age groups wanting to know future events in their life, including the day that they will die.

Tommy admitted that he’d love to know when he was going to pass and joked about the likeness to Hamish’s ‘spa parties’.

“It would be like one of Hamish's spa parties for a whole week,” he jibed.

“Imagine what that man would do if he knew when he was going to die! It would make the dark web blush.”

While the panel laughed, Tommy continued to prod Hamish, adding, “You didn’t get this on Q+A, mate. Although after those spa parties, there’s a lot of Q and a bit of A.”

Hamish Macdonald Q+A.
Hamish became the second-ever Q+A host in February 2020, but left the program after 18 months. Photo: ABC

A number of viewers also took to social media to welcome back Hamish, who left The Project 18 months ago to host Q+A.

“I didn't realise how much I've missed Hamish and Tommy’s banter until I caught The Project tonight. So good to have him back,” one person tweeted.

“Tuned in late and pleased to see Hamish is back on. Not sure about the beard, but good to have him on again,” another added.

“Hey Hamish, so GREAT to see your face back home on The Project! You look happy! And it made me happy too!” someone else shared.

Hamish recently revealed the reason why he decided to give up his ABC hosting gig, admitting to SMH that the ‘trolling and abuse’ he copped had taken its toll.

“It was overwhelming at times,” he said. “It became something I could not manage on my own, and I could not get away from it.”

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