The Project hosts hiding hilarious secret under the desk

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The Project Tommy Little and Hamish Macdonald
The Project hosts Tommy and Hamish looking flash for the camera. Photo: Channel Ten

As professional news readers and TV hosts, each member of The Project’s nightly panel will always dress in a professional and clean-cut manner.

But some photos shared on Instagram this week have revealed some of the hosts are hiding a hilarious secret underneath the desk.

Business on top and party on the bottom

“Giving the Project team a preview of tonight’s top stories,” comedian and regular panelist Tommy Little captioned an image, which saw him flashing some skin in a pair of floral shorts and white sneakers.

The Project Tommy Little shows off shorts
Tommy showed off his shorts on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/mrstommylittle

Given only the top half of the hosts is seen on screen it makes sense that you’d rather be comfortable if you can, and viewers thought the revelation was hilarious.

“I should watch the Project more often,” one person commented.

Hamish Macdonald gets in on the shorts action

Guest panelist and fellow comedian Susie Youssef also shared an image revealing it wasn’t just Tommy taking advantage of his legs being hidden, with seasoned news anchor Hamish Macdonald hiding the same look below the panel.

“Dem legs,” Susie wrote, posting an image of Hamish in a pair of black shorts.

The Project Hamish Macdonald shorts
Hamish was also in on the shorts action. Photo: Instagram/susie_youssef

But while Hamish might not have been super stoked with the secret being out, fans were all for it.

Instagram susie youssef hamish macdonald
Hamish's legs did the rounds on social media. Photo: Instagram/susie_youssef

“Great legs Hamish super cool,” one person commented.

“Hamish looks like the head boy of Slytherin,” another mused, while others just used the hashtag #legslegslegs.

The Project hosts lose it over dirty joke

It’s not the first time the duo have made headlines for providing a lighter form of entertainment while bringing us the news.

Just last night Hamish could barely keep it together after Tommy dropped a typically scandalous gag on-air that left the entire panel in stitches.

The guest panellist was poking fun at Today show host Steve Jacobs who let slip some unfortunate wording in a cross from Fiji earlier this week.

“I got my piña colada where you can drop and flop,” the morning host said in the clip.

“That is the drop and flop. If you do that in the opposite order, you get arrested,” Little said, deadpan as his co-hosts struggled to maintain a similar composure.

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