The Project's Carrie and Lisa talk public toilet habits on-air

Lisa Wilkinson and Carrie Bickmore took a break from discussing serious topics such as Rapid Antigen Test price-gouging and the Tongan volcano to talk toilet habits during Monday night's episode of The Project.

The titillating topic arose during a segment about a travel blogger's restroom must-haves, prompting Carrie, 41, to open up about her own bathroom behaviour.

Lisa Wilkinson and Carrie Bickmore on The Project. Photo: Channel 10.
Lisa Wilkinson and Carrie Bickmore talked toilet habits on The Project. Photo: Channel 10.

"I haven't sat on a public toilet I reckon since 1985," the mum-of-three announced to her fellow panellists.

"You do the hovercraft?" enquired Tommy Little, 36.

Not only does Carrie 'hover' but she's even taught her daughter, Evie to perform the manoeuvre.

Lisa, who joined the show via Zoom from Sydney, chimed in to endorse the method that requires a certain amount of thigh strength.

"[It's] so good for the thighs. Best thigh exercise you can do," the 62-year-old said.


A public toilet sign is pictured at the beach in Lee-On-The-Solent, England. Photo: Getty Images.
"I haven't sat on a public toilet I reckon since 1985," Carrie declared. Photo: Getty Images.

Clearly doubting how often his co-host uses such facilities, Tommy asked Lisa to reveal that last time she actually visited a public toilet.

"About a week ago," Lisa's replied before declaring that the 'best' public toilets are ones with a single stall.

"You know if someone sort of sees you go in and... I don't want a neighbour. You don't want to know what your neighbour has done," she said.

It's the second time in so many weeks that Lisa has shared a very personal anecdote on The Project.

Last week, she made a hilarious remark following a news piece about anecdotal evidence that the Pfizer and Moderna booster shots were effective in getting rid of warts.

While her co-hosts mulled claims by people who noticed their warts had disappeared after receiving the booster, Lisa made it clear that this wasn't a frequent topic of conversation for her.

"The last time anyone talked about warts in my life, I think I was in my 20s," she quipped.

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