Viewers defend Rebecca Maddern after leaked video: 'What we're thinking!'

Just one week after making the move from Channel 9 back to Channel 7, newsreader Rebecca Maddern and her 7News co-anchor Mike Amor have been filmed calling Novak Djokovic an a***hole in an explosive leaked video.

But despite the fact many are calling for an apology from the journalists for the "unprofessional" and "biased" tirade, which was reportedly captured as they prepared to read the 6pm news in Melbourne on Tuesday night, a huge number of viewers have taken to social media to defend Rebecca Maddern in particular.

rebecca maddern
Rebecca Maddern only joined Channel 7 again a week ago. Photo: Channel 9

The leaked video went viral on Twitter on Wednesday and showed them discussing their thoughts on the Novak Djokovic saga, after a federal court overturned the cancellation of his visa, seemingly freeing him to compete at the Australian Open.

"Whatever way you look at it, Novak Djokovic is a lying, sneaky, a***hole," Rebecca Maddern said, as she turned to former LA Correspondent Mike Amor, questioning whether Djokovic isolated in the days after testing positive for Covid-19 on December 16, with photos emerging of him attending events in Serbia.

"It’s unfortunate that everybody else stuffed up around him. To go out when you know you’re Covid-positive - well, I don’t think he was even Covid-positive …”


Mike also labelled Djokovic an “a***hole”, saying: “You’ve got a bulls**t f***ing excuse and then he fell over his own f***ing lies, which is what happens right? That’s what’s happened.

“I think he’s going to get away with it. I think most fair-minded people would say, ‘The bloke’s an a***hole’. Did they do the right thing by him? I don’t know. They f***ed it up. That’s the problem, isn’t it.”

rebecca maddern mike amour channel 7 leaked video djokovic
A leaked video of Rebecca Maddern and Mike Armour has gone viral. Photo: Twitter

The World No 1. had been granted a medical exemption to compete in the Australian Open, which prompted outcry from the public and other media commentators.

Plenty of people took to Twitter to comment on the video, with may claiming the journalists were simply "saying what everyone is thinking".

"Every Australian needs to stand by Rebecca Maddern & Mike Amor. They are only saying what we - & the rest of the world is thinking," one person wrote.

"Great watch. Just saying what 90% of Australians think," another agreed.

"Now this is news I'd watch. Rebecca Maddern has certainly made a strong return to Channel 7 hey," was another response.

"I hope Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern are promoted on the basis of that leaked video," was another response.

Meanwhile one person said Rebecca was "telling it how it is", while another suggestted the pair should be "joint Australians of the year".

Others however, were appalled by the comments, calling the outburst "disgusting".

"Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern need to be sacked. Showing their bias. Disgusting language," one person wrote.

"Rebecca Maddern!! Mike Amor!! not a good look Oops! Should be sacked!" another said.

Seven Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, shared a statement with Yahoo saying: “The illegal recording was of a private conversation between two colleagues. It was an underhanded, cowardly act in breach of the Victorian Listening Devices legislation the perpetrator of which will be accordingly dealt with when found.”

Rebecca Maddern now co-hosts 7NEWS Melbourne with Mike Amor on weekends. Photo: Instagram/rebeccamaddern
Rebecca Maddern now co-hosts 7NEWS Melbourne with Mike Amor on weekends. Photo: Instagram/rebeccamaddern

Rebecca Maddern officially made her return to Channel Seven last week following her departure from Channel Nine late last year, where she appeared on The Footy Show, Weekend Today and Australian Ninja Warrior.

The TV presenter previously worked for Channel Seven from 2002 to 2016 on Seven Afternoon News and Sunrise as their Melbourne correspondent.

Rebecca announced her exciting career move with a post on Instagram, saying that she was “thrilled” to be returning.

“I walked through the door of Channel Seven when I was just 24 years old as a young cadet and now I return to read the weekend news,” she wrote.

“I couldn’t be happier to sit beside Mike, he’s one of the best journos in the country. He’s reported on every major news event across the world over the past 20 years.

“I’ve had an amazing time on The AFL Footy Show, Australian Ninja Warrior, the Australian Open Tennis, Cricket World Cup and of course Weekend Today. I’ve been very lucky and may the adventure continue.”

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