Lisa Wilkinson leaves co-hosts stunned with warts comment: 'Weirdest chat'

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Lisa Wilkinson shocked her The Project co-hosts when she made a hilarious comment about warts on the show.

The TV host had just finished with a news piece about the effects of the Pfizer and Moderna booster shots, with some people claiming they seem to be getting rid of their warts.

Hamish MacDonald  and Lisa Wilkinson on The Project
Hamish MacDonald looked uncomfortable during a chat about warts on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

A Sydney woman claimed warts she’s had for five years completely disappeared two weeks after she got her booster shot.

Comedian Tom Cashman joked that he didn’t “believe in any of this at all”, calling himself an “anti-warter”, and joked they didn't exist, “particularly not on my back or bum”.

Hamish MacDonald looked uncomfortable with the conversation, saying: “This is the weirdest chat I’ve had all day”.


Lisa Wilkinson chimed in, saying: “I don’t even know where to do with that.”

Jan Fran then turned to Lisa and asked: “Do you have any warts Lisa that you’d like to talk about on national television?”

Lisa Wilkinson and Jan Fran on The Project
Jan Fran asked Lisa Wilkinson if she wanted to share any warts she had. Photo: Channel 10

Lisa responded: “No, the last time anyone talked about warts in my life, I think I was in my 20s.”

“Fair enough,” Jan Fran said. “I’m not going to think about that one”.

It’s not the first awkward moment Lisa Wilkinson has endured on The Project, as in December, she interviewed Matthew McConaughey about his time Down Under as a teen.

Lisa was mid-interview with the Oscar winner via video call when the discussion turned to Matthew's 'formative' year spent in Australia as an 18-year-old.

At that point, the veteran TV star put Matthew, 52, on the spot by recalling a comment he made about the dating scene on NSW's Central Coast, where he lived and worked in 1987.

"I must say belatedly on behalf of the women of Australia, I'm really sorry because I recently learned that, according to you, Australian chicks didn't dig you," Lisa asked.

Lisa Wilkinson and Matthew McConaughey
Lisa Wilkinson has faced a bit of an awkward moment with Matthew McConaughey while chatting with the Hollywood icon about his time down under as a teen. Photo: Channel 10

"What did we do wrong? Please tell us now," she continued, as the Dallas Buyer's Club actor looked taken aback.

"Did I say that?" he responded while shifting in his seat. "You did!" Lisa pressed him with a smile.

Though slightly uncomfortable, Texas-born Matthew was gracious in his reply, copping most of the 'blame' for his lack of luck with local Aussie ladies.

"It might've been more my fault. It was a formative year but it was an awkward year as well," he admitted with a grin.

"So a lot of the blame is probably on me for that," he chuckled.

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