The Project hosts' surprise swipe at Sussexes TV gig

The entire world seemingly weighed in yesterday when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would be appearing on an Oprah Winfrey special next month and the hosts at The Project were no exception.

Discussing the revelation, hosts Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little seemed to clash on their perspectives of the so-called quest for privacy the couple have embarked on. But they seemed to agree that one part of the interview seemed beyond bizarre.

Carrie Bickmore Harry Meghan TV interview criticism
Carrie fiercely defended the duo's right to control their image, but was baffled by one detail of the interview. Photo: Ten

Discussing the format, which will reportedly mainly focus on Meghan Markle with Prince Harry making a quick appearance at the end, the panel couldn't help but wonder why the Prince had been shafted.

“It’ll be their first interview since quitting royal life," Carrie explained in the segment's intro. "That decision is just one of the topics Oprah will discuss with Meghan. Harry’s expected to chime in at the end.”

"What's he doing like a musical number?" a befuddled Waleed Aly wondered.

"It's quite a demotion isn't it," Carrie agreed. "'You can come in for the last two minutes at the end Harry'."

For Tommy Little, it wasn't the structure that rankled him, but the much-discussed conflict between the pair's desire to maintain their privacy and remove themselves from the public eye – said to be a primary motivation behind their initial decision to ditch their senior royal roles – and their sudden interest in appearing on TV.

In his trademark bitingly funny way, Tommy made a sharp observation about Oprah.

Tommy Little The Project harry Meghan Oprah criticism
Tommy made a subtle, but pointed, comment about the pair's desire for privacy. Photo: Ten

“You know your career is on the rocks when people who are trying to hide from the public go on your show!” he joked.

Carrie and Waleed defended the pair's decision, arguing that wanting privacy, but sharing some news with the world was perfectly fine, while Tommy joked he would agree with Carrie because she felt strongly about the mater, clearly unwilling to voice his quite clear opinion on the matter.

Lisa's brutal swipe at royal bub

Lisa Wilkinson The Project Harry Meghan prince Andrew joke royal baby
On Monday Lisa Wilkinson also went in with a brutal joke at the royal family's expense. Photo: Ten

It's been a spicy week in royal discussions on the hit program, with Lisa Wilkinson turning heads on Monday with a very brutal joke at the royal family's expense.

“She looks very pregnant," the host initially observed. "That’s obviously happened very, very quickly."

The benign comment was swiftly followed by speculation about what the baby brother or sister of Archie might be named.

"What do you think the chances are of that kid being called Andrew?” Lisa asked co-host Jan Fran.

Prince Andrew, who will be the baby's great uncle, has famously been asked to testify in the Jefferey Epstein sex trafficking court case, and has faced allegations of sexual assault.

The Duke of York denied all the allegations but has been stepped down from royal duties.

In light of the scandal around the Prince, Jan Fran responded that the chances seemed 'slim to none'.

"I'm thinking minus zero," Lisa agreed.

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