The one sign your marriage is on its 'deathbed', according to a relationship expert

People are divided over this expert's 'clear' sign your marriage is on the rocks.

If there’s one thing people are going to have strong opinions on, it’s the ins and outs of making a relationship work. Now, one expert’s claim about the demise of a marriage is going viral online, with TikTokers divided over his statement.

Life coach Rick Netshiozwi, who has over 400,000 followers on TikTok, took to the social media site to post a video about the signs of a dying marriage, saying there’s one clear way to know your relationship is on the rocks.

Couple in bed fighting
A life coach reckons this is the reason many marriages die. Photo: Getty Images

In the short clip, Rick states that one of the greatest signs of a dying marriage is “when a relationship has a void of touch”.

“You don’t hug each other anymore. The kissing is not the same anymore or it’s not done as frequently as it used to be done,” he said.

“When you sleep, this person’s half is their half, that other is your half. Your feet don’t even touch anymore. That is a clear sign that the marriage is on its way to its deathbed.”


Rick continued to say that “touch is a critical component for marriage” and believes that if there’s a weird energy when you touch each other, you will know that connection is really gone.

“That is a symbol that you are drifting apart quicker than lightning strikes a tree on a day that there is a storm,” he said.

Rick Netshiozwi talking on TikTok
Rick Netshiozwi claims touch is a necessary component of a healthy marriage. Photo:TikTok/ ricknetshiozwi_officia

'Can't remember the last time we kissed'

People flocked to the comments section to give their own take on Rick’s statement, with some agreeing with him wholeheartedly while others blasted his claim, telling him to ‘get real’.

“Lol we are both in our 50’s. We sleep in different bedrooms because we both snore. I can’t remember the last time we kissed. 35 years so far,” one person said.

“Yes, you’re right and communication trust. We were married 33 years but soon divorce,” another person said,

“My marriage was like that and almost did die. We made it through,” a commenter wrote.

However, others weren’t so sure, with one person saying: “Nobody kisses as much as at the beginning, get real.”

“No it’s just we’re freaking tired everyday life is we didn’t have to work we would on vacation all year but we need to pay bills, med insurance, etc.” another person wrote.

“Touch doesn’t matter unless it matters to you. Some ppl don’t feel like being touched all the time,” a commenter wrote.

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