The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies cops rude prank: ‘Stitched up’

The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies is currently on holiday in India with her family for her nephew’s wedding. Fans have loved seeing her share snippets of the wedding and showcasing India’s rich culture.

However, Kylie’s son couldn’t help but use the trip to play a prank on his unsuspecting mum. Gus, 20, melted Kylie’s heart when he wanted to take some pictures of her at the Taj Mahal.

L: The Morning Show star Kylie Gillies sits outside a florist. R: Kylie Gillies with her mouth wide open at the Taj Mahal
The Morning Show star Kylie Gillies was pranked by her son. Photo: Instagram/kyliegillies

The star shared a video from the tourist attraction, after being convinced by Gus to take an “optical illusion” photo so it looked like she was holding the tip of the palace.

At the beginning of the clip, Kylie is wary of Gus and asks if he’s filming — which he swears he isn’t doing.


He constantly guides the star in the wrong direction, making a fool out of her in process. Halfway through, the TV personality gets suspicious.

“Gus, if you’re stitching me up,” she laughs, before her son tells her off for moving too much.

“My arm’s hurting,” she exclaims twice, before giving up.

In the caption, she explained how Gus set up the prank. After initially refusing to take an “optical illusion” snap, Gus pleaded with her by saying he ‘never wants to do photos with her’.

“Now he knew that would pull on my heartstrings. So I caved,” Kylie wrote.

“You’ll see on the video I was sceptical. Gus has from! But when your 20 yo son wants to do ANYTHING with you, you don’t say no,” she admitted sheepishly.


Her fans found the slice of life hilarious, with many praising Gus for his excellent prank.

“Ah, 20 yo sons — they’re hilarious aren’t they! You look great though!” one fan wrote.

“That was very funny Gus. Well played,” added another.

“I can’t tell you how many times I laughed. Lol it’s the best!!!” a third chimed in.

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