The Morning Show star's fake act exposed: 'Respect is gone'

The Morning Show viewers were stunned on Tuesday morning after host Larry Emdur completed an incredible feat live on-air. Now, it has been revealed that the act was faked.

Kylie Gillies and Larry appeared at the end of Sunrise to tease their interview with Daniel and David Huelett, influencers known for landing outrageous trick shots.

The Morning Show hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies
The Morning Show host Larry Emdur has been caught out. Photo: Seven

After a montage of successful trick shots, Larry told viewers that he thought it looked easy and decided to try one of his own.

“Looking at that guys, I mean how hard could it be, honestly?” he asked, as a clear fishbowl was held in front of the camera. “So I’m gonna give this a go, ready, ready?” Larry said, as he crumpled up a piece of paper in his hands.


The star walked away and kept his back turned to the camera before throwing the crumpled ball of paper over his head. The paper landed square into the fishbowl, causing David ‘Kochie’ Koch to start clapping.

Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies looking surprised with a fishbowl in front of the camera holding a paper ball
Kylie Gillies feigned surprise when the ball landed in the bowl. Photo: Seven

“It’s a miracle!” Kylie exclaimed while looking shocked, before the camera cut to the Sunrise hosts. Mark Beretta then attempted to throw a piece of paper into a recycling bin but failed miserably.

“Oh, you just missed it Beretts,” Natalie Barr said, before telling viewers: “This is our recycling bin and every day Beretts misses it, it’s hilarious.”

On Tuesday evening, a video on The Morning Show’s Instagram page showed that Larry had a little help with his trick shot.

While viewers saw the crumpled-up paper fly over his head and into the glass bowl, it actually flew over the camera and missed the fishbowl altogether. A crew member stood next to the camera holding an identical paper ball and dropped it in at the right moment.


“REVEALED! See how Larry REALLY pulled this shot off!” the caption read.

Radio host Ryan Jon couldn’t help but take a light-hearted swipe at the star, writing: “This is diva behaviour Larry Emdur, I’m calling the tabloids.”

“All respect is gone,” another fan quipped.

“Screen test fail,” a third wrote.

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