The Morning Show's Kylie Gillies shares hilarious BTS video: 'So fun!'

The Morning Show host Kylie Gillies has shared a hilarious video with Sunrise reporter Sally Bowrey, after Sally replaced Larry Emdur on Thursday.

The star began the video by thanking Sally for being on the show with her, saying that the network love it when the pair are together.

L: The Morning Show hosts Sally Bowrey in a blue dress sits next to Kylie Gillies in a black top and white pants with black checkers. R: Sally and Kylie have windswept hair in viral video
The Morning Show hosts Kylie Gillies and Sally Bowrey had fans in stitches with their video. Photo: Seven & Instagram/sallybowrey7

“So good having you back on The Morning Show Sally, the network loves it, because we are together, so low maintenance,” Kylie told her co-star.

The camera then pulled out to reveal a large ring light focused on the ladies, before Sally turned a fan on to add some Hollywood magic.

Kylie and Sally then shook their hair in slow motion as music played, with the hosts striking multiple poses.


“Just a coupla gals hosting a bit of telly,” Kylie wrote alongside the video. “We did want the wind machine and spotlight positioned a few degrees more to the left but good help is hard to find 😂”

Fans were delighted by the video, with some pointing out the pair could have a future in comedy.

“Not high maintenance at all,” a viewer quipped.

“You seem to have so much fun and enjoy your job, which is fantastic,” wrote a fan.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought these gals were top-shelf models, not a couple of stunning tele-hostesses,” a third joked.

“Kylie and Sal got a ring to it, Larry who? Joking, love Laz!” added another.

L: Sally attempting to turn a fan on with Kylie in the background. R: Sally and Kylie striking poses with the fan
Sally admitted she thought the back button on the fan would turn it on. Photo: Instagram/sallybowrey7

Sally also admitted that she struggled to turn the fan on, mistaking the back button for the on and off switch.

Alongside a video of her pressing the back button repeatedly, she wrote: "I learnt the button on the back of a fan does NOT turn it on."

"It was ME that Kylie was referring to when she said 'it’s hard to find good help'," she finished.

Kylie's embarrassing mistake

This comes after Kylie made an embarrassing on-air gaffe while filling in for Natalie Barr on Sunrise.

During the broadcast, Sally was reading the news when a loud phone alarm went off — and Kylie was the culprit.

David ‘Kochie’ Koch decided to tell viewers about the moment, and the hosts had a laugh at Kylie’s expense.

“We all heard it, it was in the middle of the news. We’re all awake now,” Sally told the host.

Kylie Gillies holds a phone while she speaks. David 'Kochie' Koch sits next to her smiling on the set of Sunrise.
Sunrise guest host Kylie Gillies was mortified when her phone went off. Photo: Seven

“How embarrassing, look, the phone was turned to silent, but who knew your alarm could still go off?” Kylie admitted.

“Everyone knows that! Like literally, everyone knows that Kylie,” Sally laughed.

After the video was shared on Instagram, Kylie couldn’t help but continue to poke fun at herself.

“Love how you all knew it was me!!! What a loser! 5:40am is when I usually wake up for The Morning Show. Not used to such an EARLY start!” she wrote.

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