The Morning Show's Larry Emdur responds after X-rated home item goes viral: 'Naughty'

A sex statue situated in the home of The Morning Show's Larry Emdur has sparked a furore.

Larry Emdur has taken to social media after a sex statue in his country retreat went viral.

The Morning Show host and his wife Sylvie are selling their Kangaroo Valley home, called Sky Ridge Escape. It’s a luxurious escape with sprawling decks, open fireplaces and chic furnishings.

Larry Emdur on The Chase
Larry Emdur's raunchy home item went viral. Photo: Instagram/Channel Seven

However, fans were quick to notice a sex statue perched atop a table in pictures of the house, which was also spotted by pop culture programme Have You Been Paying Attention.


In a clip from the show, host Tom Gleeson is seen asking the panel: “Larry Emdur’s holiday home in Kangaroo Valley went viral this week. Why?”

Comedian and radio host Ed Kavalee responded: “’Cause the Price was Right?”

Larry Emdur's home Sky Ridge Escape
Larry's home in Kangaroo Valley went viral. Photo: Instagram/skyridgeescape
Larry Emdur's Sky Ridge Escape home in Kangaroo Valley
The sex statue situated on a table has caused a furore. Photo: Instagram/skyridgeescape

“It has to do with the backyard, they found a shallow grave?” comedian Sam Pang added.

Ed Kavalee chimed in with the right answer, saying: “There was, like, a pornographic statue in there.”

Indeed, the panel and the audience gasped and laughed when a picture of the statue appeared on the screen.

Larry Emdur has since taken to his Instagram account to address the interest in his country abode, writing: “I’ve always wanted to be on Have You Been Paying Attention but not for a disgraceful reason like this.


“My sex statue is famous @skyridgeescape @bellepropertyberry 679A Mount Scanzi Rd, Kangaroo Valley, NSW and YES !!!! The Price is Right.”

Earlier this week Larry also addressed the sex statue in a post on his page, saying: “OMG !! Sooooo naughty !! It’s 50 Shades of Larry… But in awesome news for you, if you buy the house I’ll throw in my X-rated raunchy sex statue for free.”

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