The Morning Show's Larry Emdur opens up in raw admission: 'Blubbering mess'

The presenter shared that he began crying immediately.

The Morning Show's Larry Emdur has opened up about the moment his future son-in-law Rowell came to him and asked his permission before he asked the presenter's daughter Tia to marry him.

Larry spoke to The Bachelor's Matty Johnson and Ash Wicks on the Two Doting Dads podcast and recalled being a "blubbering mess" when Rowell asked him for his permission.

The Morning Show's Larry Emdur on Two Doting Dads podcast
The Morning Show's Larry Emdur recalls being a 'blubbering mess' when his future son-in-law asked his permission for his daughter's hand. Photo: Instagram/twodotingdads

Speaking of his own daughters, Matt shared that many people had told him it will be "tough" when they start dating, saying, "I kind of laugh it off, because for me it feels just like an absolute lifetime away, is that a really tough time in their life?"

"Yes," Larry jokingly responded. "No, it's not a tough time in their life, it's a tough time in the parents' lives I think, because you want them to be safe and you want them to be happy and these things."


Matt asked Larry if Tia being engaged was the same feeling as when she first started dating or if it was harder, with the presenter telling the hosts, "Easier, because we knew him at this point, so we knew him and we loved him. We love him. He's fantastic, and how he treats her and how he adds to her life, equally, they do it equally, but you can see as a couple they're fantastic."

He continued, "That's as opposed to meeting some young kid from school [and thinking] - how is this gonna work? But Rowell is a lovely, lovely guy, and to see them in a relationship, you go, okay, that's meant to be, you know, they're balanced, they're beautiful together, so that was different."

Larry explained that the family was at his house when Rowell told Tia he was going to help the presenter grab something from the garage and instead secretly asked Larry for his permission.

"It's funny because all my life, I had all these questions for the guy that would ask me this," Larry said. "'What are your intentions, show me your bank balance, what sort of car do you drive?'"

Larry Emdur with daughter Tia
Larry with his daughter Tia, pictured here in 2017. Photo: Getty

When asked what actually happened, he responded, "I cried, straight away, felt like a blubbering mess straight away, and it was a beautiful moment, because you know when you see your daughter that happy and they'd lived in Bali for a year, so the relationship had been well and truly tested. And it was a beautiful moment."

Larry added, "That was very, very special, and now we look forward to the next thing, maybe that's grandchildren, you know, whatever! We've got the wedding and then [the next thing]. The parenting thing just goes from one thing to the next."

The presenter shared his happiness at Tia's engagement last November with a sweet post on Instagram that read: "All a father like me can hope and pray for is that one day his baby girl finds a partner who will love and adore, respect and admire, cherish and protect her the way he’s tried to.

"Well, that partner has arrived and we feel very very blessed .. Congratulations on your engagement you two love birds. Rowell thank you for being a bit ol’ fashioned and asking me if you could ask Tia for her hand in marriage. I was trying to be a mature, tough dad but I think I just cried. Welcome to our crazy family, we’re looking forward to millions of special moments with you two."

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