The Morning Show's Larry Emdur addresses 'rude' Prince Harry meme backlash: 'Mean'

The breakfast TV host has hit back after Prince Harry fans called him out for sharing a 'rude' photo.

The Morning Show host Larry Emdur has hit back online after being slammed for sharing a ‘mean’ Prince Harry coronation meme.

The meme in question shows a photo of Prince Harry sitting in the third row at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, as his father, King Charles, was crowned.

“Charles: How can we block out the naughty one? Anne: Leave it to me bro,” Larry captioned the snap.

Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies on The Morning Show
Larry Emdur has hit back at online backlash. Photo: Channel 7

Princess Anne was seated right in front of Prince Harry at the ceremony, wearing a red feather hat which was completely obscuring the Duke of Sussex from view.

Fans of Prince Harry lashed out at Larry, with one person writing: “Larry why are you being so mean?”

“How rude I turned off your channel when you started on Harry. Why not cover Andrew's face instead. Harry was a total gentleman. And looked so happy and relaxed. Just leave him alone,” another person wrote.


Another commenter agreed, writing: “Rude much. People need to start being more respectful to Harry. He's the only normal one out of that lot.”

However, Larry’s The Morning Show co-host, Kylie Gillies, seemed amused by the post, simply posting two laughing face emojis in response.

Prince Harry covered by Princess Anne's coronation hat
The TV host shared this meme to his account. Photo: Instagram/Larry Emdur

Not one to shy away from controversy, Larry later took to his Instagram to hit back at the haters, writing: “So, two things: Firstly, I 100% agree with you. Secondly, and I’m not a qualified doctor, but honestly you need to unfollow me IMMEDIATELY!!!! And go and follow people on Insta who make you happy, make you smile and bring you joy. All the best.”

Home and Away’s Lynne Granger supported Larry’s message, writing: “Gold Larry! Love ya.”

I’m A Celebrity host, Lady Julia Morris, agreed, saying: “I do… from a small tinny & though some hi-tech binoculars… no wait… I’m not here… jx”

Prince Harry beams at the coronation

Prince Harry went viral on Saturday after arriving at the coronation beaming from ear-to-ear.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Harry's attendance at the coronation, with one user writing, "Why is Harry sat so far away, his dad's the bloody King."

"Wow, Harry is quite far back isn’t he?" another added.

"Sad to see Prince Harry excluded so completely from the #Coronation," a third said.

Prince Harry at King Charles' coronation
Prince Harry was beaming at King Charles' coronation. Photo: Getty Images

Harry was pictured smiling as he entered Westminster Abbey and took his seat, with one user writing, "They wanted [Harry] to be sad. They wanted him to be ashamed. They wanted him to stay away. They got none of those things."

"Prince Harry looks so happy and well bless him I bet he’s thinking about his precious mum today. He’ll be back with his gorgeous family soon enough," someone else added.

Another user shared a photo of Harry entering on his own, writing, "This moment will be one of the lasting images of the #Coronation. Prince Harry on his own. Very symbolic."

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