The Masked Singer's Courtney Act on the reality TV show they said no to: 'That was the dealbreaker'

EXCLUSIVE: The Aussie icon also shared who they think is behind the final masks on The Masked Singer.

Australian icon Courtney Act – aka Shane Jenek – was unmasked on The Masked Singer last night, after giving fans some stellar performances as Cowgirl.

From belting out Shannon Noll's What About Me? to a dramatic reenactment of Kasey Chamber's Not Pretty Enough, Cowgirl won audiences over with her theatrical performances, with many fans guessing early on that Courtney Act was the voice behind the mask.

With Courtney being a staple across Australian and international reality TV for years — from Australian Idol, to RuPaul's Drag Race, and Celebrity Big Brother UK, there's one show the diva has been approached for that Courtney has ruled out as a hard no.

The Masked Singer's Courtney Act revealed as Cowgirl. Photo: Ten
The Masked Singer's Courtney Act revealed as Cowgirl. Photo: Ten

"I got asked to do SAS in the UK this year," Courtney revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle.

"And I went through this journey where I thought 'Yeah, I'll do it, I'm the fittest I've ever been, and I'll really surprise people and I'll break those stereotypes!' And then I started watching clips of the show and I was like 'Oh ABSOLUTELY not, this is horrible!'"

Courtney said watching parts of the Australian series also cemented their decision to never attempt SAS.

"It keeps popping up on my Instagram, like Tim Robards and Anthony Mundine wrestle to the death over a high wire like, imagine me!" Courtney exclaimed.

"I was like to the producer, 'How do you leave?' And she was like 'you can leave at any time under your own free will, some people get taken off the show, some people due to a medical emergency,' and I was like hang on! A medical emergency should not be in your top three reasons why people leave the show! That was the dealbreaker."


Courtney spills on the final masks on The Masked Singer

With the finale airing next week, Courtney had a few predictions as to who could be hiding behind the last masks.

"I have no idea who White Fox is, I had a list of people. I know people are saying Dami Im online but I don't think it's her. And then I thought Amber Riley fits that genre, so I'm excited to see," Courtney said.

"I Googled and I saw who Bouncer was in the comments and listened to their voice and that lined up," Courtney continued, with many fans speculating from the start that Bouncer is Conrad Sewell.

Many fans are speculating the Grim Reaper is Savage Garden's Darren Hayes. Photo: Ten
Many fans are speculating the Grim Reaper is Savage Garden's Darren Hayes. Photo: Ten

"But Grim Reaper, I know that voice," Courtney continued. "When we sang together, Green Fairy, Grim Reaper, and I as a trio, when we stopped I heard Green Fairy say something and I copped the Geordie accent and knew it was Charlotte."

When asked by Yahoo Lifestyle if the voice of Grim Reaper was Darren Hayes of Savage Garden fame, Courtney had this to say.

"I would be absolutely shocked if they took that mask off and that wasn't who we thought it was."

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