The Masked Singer Australia 2020 Bushranger crowned winner

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The Masked Singer has reached its highly-anticipated conclusion on Monday evening, with the Bushranger crowned the winner.

Bushranger identity to be revealed believed to be Bonnie Anderson
The Bushranger has been crowned the winner of The Masked Singer 2020. Photo: Channel 10

Behind the mask was none other than Bonnie Anderson, with the two runner-ups also revealed to the delight of Aussie fans everywhere.

The competition is the second major Aussie talent contest win for Bonnie who nabbed first prize on Australia's Got Talent in 2007 at age 12

Bonnie Anderson was revealed to be the Bushranger and took out top prize in a shocking twist. Photo: Ten
Bonnie Anderson was revealed to be the Bushranger and took out top prize in a shocking twist. Photo: Ten

In second place was Kate Miller-Heidke who was revealed to be the Queen, while Frillneck was revealed to be Eddie Perfect.

The win had fans and punters gobsmacked, with Sportbets odds pointing to The Queen as a clear favourite for the top prize.

Masked Singer Australia 2020 finalists Frillneck, Queen, Bushranger
The Frillneck was unmasked as Eddie Perfect, The Queen Kate Miller-Heidke and The Bushranger Bonnie Anderson coming in third, second and first respectively. Photo: Channel 10

Judges Urzila Carlson, Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Dannii Minogue have spent weeks trying to identify the stars beneath the elaborate costumes.

Bonnie follows in the footsteps of last year’s winner Cody Simpson, who was revealed to be the voice behind The Robot and beat out Neighbours star Rob Mills and The Project’s Gorgi Coghlan who was the Monster.

The Masked Singer 2020 Winner: The Bushranger/ Bonnie Anderson

Bonnie Anderson wins Masked Singer 2020 Bushranger crowned
Bonnie Anderson was crowned winner and revealed to be behind the bushranger mask. Photo: Channel 10

Crowned the winner was the Bushranger, the tough exterior revealed be hiding Aussie sweetheart Bonnie Anderson.

Bonnie was the first winner of Australia's Got Talent in 2007 at age 12 and is currently playing Bea Nilsson on Neighbours.

After the star’s Wikipedia page was updated with information about ‘her time’ on the talent show, fans were convinced she was the one, though others pointed out anyone could have tampered with the page, which was later updated to exclude the damming information.

Other guesses for the star’s identity included former Australian Idol judge Marcia Hines, whose daughter Deni was a contestant on last year’s series, as well as Australian Idol runner-up Jessica Mauboy.

Runner-Up: The Queen/ Kate Miller-Heidke

Photo Channel 10
Kate Miller-Heidke came in second place as The Queen. Photo: Channel 10

The voice behind the stately Queen costume has had viewers beguiled for months, with Kate Miller-Heidke tonight revealed as the talent behind the incredible range.

Kate was viewers’ number one pick for the voice behind the Queen mask, one of the stand-out voices on the show since the first episode.

The Queen’s early clues included her “desire to rule the world”, a link to Tasmania, Italian roots, and that she’s known highs and lows – “sometimes at the same time.”

Kate Miller-Heidke Eurovision performance
Kate Miller-Heidke is the voice behind the Queen. Photo: Channel 10

But it was the line “13 times I’ve been a bridesmaid but never the bride”, that had fans flocking to social media to lock in singer-songwriter Kate, as she’s been nominated for an ARIA Award on 13 occasions, is yet to win one.

While there are many clues that point to the star, plenty of people were adamant they knew who it was from the second they heard her voice.

“I’m so confident that the Queen is Kate Miller-Heidke that if it’s not her I’ll shave my hair off,” one brave viewer tweeted.

The judges also guessed Melbourne cup winner Michelle Payne as another possible identity of the star.


Third Place: The Frillneck/Eddie Perfect

Eddie Perfect Frillneck Masked Singer third place
Eddie Perfect was the lizard man unmasked as The Frillneck on The Masked Singer 2020. Photo Channel 10

Frillneck had viewers in the palm of his claw from the get-go with his clear vocals and impressive performances praised by fans.

Eddie Perfect, who is currently based in Melbourne where the show is being filmed, was fans' number one pick and tonight revealed to be the man behind the Frillneck mask.

Early on, Frillneck said he's "not someone who works nine to five", which is believed to be in reference to the fact Eddie was going to join the cast of Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 The Musical before the pandemic struck.

In the most recent video featuring Frillneck clues, he tells us: "Kids see me for what I am, even though others can't see me at all. What a hoot!" Eddie has been a host on Play School which ticked a box for fans.

The clue however also had some fans in the direction of Jimmy Rees, AKA Jimmy Giggle, of Giggle and Hoot, due to the references to birds, in particular the use of the word "hoot".

A rocky end to The Masked Singer 2020 Australia

Masked Singer 2020 judging lineup and Osher Gunsberg hosting amid coronavirus restrictions social distancing on display
The series has been dogged by issues since the coronavirus crisis worsened in Melbourne where it was filmed. Photo: Channel 10

Bonnie Anderson’s big win came on the back of a rocky end to The Masked Singer’s second season, which was filmed in Melbourne at the height of the pandemic.

The original taping of the final was initially cancelled when just two hours before filming got underway a crew member tested positive for the coronavirus.

Later, seven crew members were confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus with the count now at 16.

Cast and crew were forced to quarantine in Melbourne for two weeks, however, producers allowed Jackie O to return to Sydney and fellow judge Urzila Carlson to return to New Zealand.

The final was ambitiously filmed using greenscreens for the returned judges, which led to a hilarious mishap for judge Urzila Carlson from the New Zealand hotel where she was waiting out her two week quarantine period.

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