The Masked Singer finale affected by coronavirus shutdown

Sarah Carty
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The Masked Singer was just two hours away from filming the grand finale before the whole thing was shut down after seven crew members tested positive for the coronavirus.

The plug was pulled on the Channel 10 show on Saturday after a dancer revealed they weren’t feeling well.

 Osher Günsberg on The Project
Osher Günsberg has revealed they were just two hours away from filming the grand finale of The Masked Singer when it was forced to shut down over positive coronavirus crew members. Photo: Channel 10

Now, the whole cast and crew are in self-isolation, with host Osher Günsberg and judges, Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Urzila Carlson, all awaiting the results of their COVID-19 test.

Speaking to The Project on Sunday night via video link, Osher revealed how close the production came to filming the finale of the entertainment show.

The cast of The Masked Singer Australia 2020
The cast and crew are now all in self-isolation. Photo: Channel 10

“We were literally two hours away from hitting record on our grand finale,” Osher said.

“'The pyrotechnics were loaded, everyone was in costume and we were ready to go.”

He went on to say a young person put their hand up and said “hold on guys, I’m not feeling well’”, and after that “they were brave enough to pull the emergency brake on the freight train and then we hit stop and everyone shut down”.


Osher said he wouldn’t have been involved in a production that didn’t take the coronavirus protocols seriously and revealed he has never been on a stricter set.

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“Everyone was working in little pods, no people crossed over,” he said.

Osher went on to say that he, along with other cast and crew from Sydney, were supposed to fly back to Sydney on Sunday, however instead he went and got a test for the coronavirus in Melbourne.

The set is now being deep-cleaned but the show is still going to try to film a grand finale when they can.

There are three more weeks worth of episodes already filmed, however the grand finale is still up in the air.

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