Spoiler alert! Identity of Wolf on Masked Singer revealed in social media gaffe

The identity of the Wolf seems to have been revealed, in a huge social media fail. Photo: Ten

Audiences may be tying themselves in knots trying to identify the performers under the whacky costumes of The Masked Singer, but one radio producer seems to have undone the identity of a contestant with one wayward tweet.

Keen-eyed fans were left gobsmacked when Leon Sjogren, who works on Fox FM's Fifi, Fev & Byron show, tagged a well-known Aussie celeb in a photo of the Wolf he shared on Twitter.

Spoiler alert - stop reading now if you don’t want to find out Wolf’s identity!

Leon tweeted the snap of himself and an unidentified friend posing with the Wolf at around 8.30 pm on Monday night, before the show had finished, and identified actor and singer Rob Mills as the character.

“Me with @RobMillsyMills earlier today,” the photo was captioned.

Identity of Wolf on Masked Singer revealed in social media gaffe. Twitter/Leonsjogren.
The tweet suggests that Rob Mills is the voice behind the pelt. Photo: Getty Images

Is it really Rob Mills?

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle this morning, Leon reveals that he was “just having a really good guess”.

“I tweeted it as a bit of a joke,” he admits, adding that his Rob Mills ‘spoiler’ was simply “a hunch”.

The radio producer says that before he heard the Wolf sing on Monday night, he was convinced it was David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff in the suit, but immediately recognised Rob’s voice and put the clues together.

Leon, who is a friend of Rob’s, claims that he’s since been in touch with the former Australian Idol contestant, who is “denying it”.

Nevertheless, Leon believes he’s on the money with his guess, telling us, “I think I’ve nailed it!”

More than a hunch

There’s no doubt that former Australian Idol contestant and stage performer Rob would be a formidable contestant on the show, and he also matches up with one of the clues dropped before his performance.

“I’m up all night,” the Wolf said in the teaser to his performance on Monday.

Rob Mills’ first album was called Up All Night, a further suggestion that Leon wasn’t messing around when he tagged the singer.

Not to mention, Leon wasn’t the first person to connect Mills with the show, though other fans just guessed that it was Mills beneath the costume, rather than spilling the beans completely.

“Oh Millsy, I listened to your CD enough in 2003 to recognise your voice anyway boo,” Georgia Love tweeted last night.

“Rob Mills is the Wolf,” another fan wrote.

Rob Mills is currently gearing up for a national tour of George Michael’s greatest hits alongside Prinny Stevens and Hugh Sheridan.

Who are the other celebs?

While Leon didn’t pick the show’s first reveal - Gretel Killeen as the Octopus - here are his other guesses:

“Nikki Webster is the Alien [ex-cricketer] Freddie Flintoff is the Prawn and Deni Hines is the Unicorn” he says.

“Freddie Fintoff has performed Suspicious Minds in the past on a TV show. PRAWN,” he tweeted of the Prawn’s performance earlier in the night, connecting dots most people wouldn’t be able to see.

Identity of Wolf on Masked Singer revealed in social media gaffe. Twitter/Leonsjogren.

He also hazarded a guess that the Robot is, in fact, The Project host, Waleed Aly, pointing out the journalist is part of a band known as Robot Child, and would have the musical chops to pull the performance off.

There you have it!

Identity of Wolf on Masked Singer revealed in social media gaffe. Twitter/Leonsjogren.
Waleed Aly was another one Leon guessed at, though he doesn't seem to have confirmation on this theory. Photo: Getty Images

What is The Masked Singer Australia about?

The Masked Singer Australia is based on a reality TV show that originated in South Korea.

It’s marketed as ‘a singing competition with a difference’ and features 12 unidentified celebrities who perform in full costume then ‘unmask’ themselves to the judges, live studio audience and viewers at home afterwards.

Each episode, six contestants pair up to compete against one another in a ‘face-off’ where they perform a song of their choice in their real voice.

After each ‘face-off’ the studio audience and judges vote for their favourite celeb the keep ‘safe’ for the week - the ‘loser’ is at risk of being unmasked and sent home unless the judges chose to ‘save’ them.

Gretel Killeen, aka the Octopus, was the first celeb to be unmasked in the premiere on Monday night.

Cricketing great Brett Lee was unmasked in episode two, after performing as the Parrot.

There are still have 10 unknown singers to go, including a unicorn, lion, monster, spider and a wolf.

Just one day after the show premiered, social media was whipped into a frenzy when the identity of the Wolf was supposedly revealed on Twitter.

Channel 10 has released several clues - one singer is an ARIA Award winner, while another is a World Cup winner, and yet another a Hall of Famer - with more hints to roll out throughout the season.

The Masked Singer airs 7.30 Monday and Tuesday on Channel 10.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel 10 for comment.

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