The 'magic' Bunnings hack for waving goodbye to more flies: 'Really works'

Summer might be behind us, but flies, mosquitos and fruit flies can still be a problem, depending where you are in Australia.

Thanks to a Bunnings product and a hack from a Facebook cleaning and organising group, there is a simple reusable solution using kitchen ingredients.

At left, a Bunnings fly trap with flies in it close up and at right viewed on a kitchen bench from a distance
A Facebook user hacked a Bunnings fly trap to catch even more flies! Photo: Facebook


"Guys, I’ve found the magic potion!!" Joelle posted.

"Through lots of trial and error, I’ve stumbled upon the best mix that truly works to rid the house of flies and fruit flies!

"I use this Bunnings fly trap and just keep refilling it each week.

"The flies in our house were absolutely out of control for a while there.

"This stuff really works!

"Even now, when we can’t even see them around, it will still trap quite a few."

Her winning recipe

The winning recipe is two spoons of sugar, a squirt of dish soap and then fill the bottle about 1/3 up with water.

"Guys, I’m telling you, this stuff is MAGIC," Joelle said.

Members loved the hack, liking the post 400 times.

"Definitely going to try this, the flies have taken over my house this year and nothing is working to get rid of them," one wrote.

"I'll have to try it with your magic potion. I've tried the traps with supplied potion but couldn't stand the smell even away from the house," another said.

"Thank you very much. You're a lifesaver & I'll be using this," a third commented.

At left is a disposable Fly Trap from The Buzz on a white background from the Bunnings website; at right is the pricing screen for the product from the website, showing the price of $5.90.
This cheap fly trap can be hacked to become even more efficient. Photo: Bunnings

Others asked where they could use the fly traps.

"Do you think it will also work outside?" one asked.

"We live on a small property and have sheep just the other side of the house fence.

"Flies have always been a problem outside and in."

"It does; that's ours we keep near the bin, lol," someone replied, sharing a picture of a very full fly trap.

"You’ll probably need a lot more," the original poster suggested.

But what about the mess?

Others worried about the smell of the dead flies as they piled up and the thought of having to get rid of them.

"Line the inside of the bottle with a small freezer bag before you add anything!!" one person suggested.

"Mix the 'chemical/attractant' inside the bag, screw the lid on and leave!!

"When it needs replacing, undo the top, tie a knot in the bag and place bag in the bin.

"Re-line the bottle with a fresh bag and go again."

It's so easy, we're ready to make the great Aussie salute a thing of the past - at least in our home.

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