The female-focused gym aiming to make working out fun for women

Forget a male-dominated gym environment -- find out why FoxFit is loved by influencers and everyday women alike.

Sometimes kickstarting your fitness journey isn't easy and as a woman, it can be especially intimidating. Or, perhaps if you're already a seasoned gym-goer, you may be fed up with battling it out at the machines with bros and just want a safe place to work out.

Enter FoxFit — a female-focused gym aiming to empower women to get stronger outside of the traditional gym environment.

FoxFit originated in Melbourne, establishing itself as a go-to fitness studio for women including influencers like Rebecca Harding, Rozalia Russian, and Abbey Gelmi. And in exciting news for Sydney fitness fanatics and wannabes, the group workout studio has recently opened in Redfern, Sydney.

The FoxFit difference

Sydney's women's only gym FoxFit
Sydney has a new women's only gym. Photo: FoxFit

Founder Tom Hose said the FoxFit difference is all in its mission to provide a safe space for female-identifying people, free from what can be a male-dominated 'grunt' environment.

"We know how hard it is to be motivated to move in the first place let alone when the gym space is intimidating," Tom told Yahoo Lifestyle.


"With this in my mind we hero our female-identifying clientele with curated programs to elevate their wellness free from intimidation, as we know when you’re physically and mentally on point this can positively flow into all aspects of your life."

Why weight and cardio training is important for women

From mental health perks to reducing risks of things like osteoporosis, Tom said FoxFit aims to look at wellness through a holistic lens that can benefit women.

FoxFit founder Tom Hose black and white photo
FoxFit founder Tom Hose. Photo: Supplied

"To name just a few benefits, a hybrid of resistance and cardiovascular training reduces the likelihood of metabolic syndrome, increased BMD reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis, and overall it improves vitality," Tom said. "The intrinsic mental benefits from planned exercise can be equally as beneficial improving self-confidence and a general sense of 'can do' that we have seen have a profound positive influence across all aspects of one's life when committing to a regular fitness program."


Don't be influenced by the 'influencer' tag

Find gyms intimidating? Same, sis.

Tom stresses that FoxFit is for women of all ages and stages.

"What is typically being previewed via FoxFit social media accounts is a representation of private personal training sessions with influencers," he said. "The commonality is that the method behind FoxFit training has been designed for all women alike and integrated into all our open class types. The proof is in the incredible FoxFit community nationwide of unstoppable women who come from all walks of life and who inspire us every single day!"

Number one tip? Just get started

As Tom said, "good things take time!"

So if you're feeling intimidated, remember it's all in moderation and you're in control.

"Invest in a sustainable approach to your wellness, ensure that you take a bit-by-bit perspective and progressively build out your fitness over time, building in room for moderation," Tom said. "If you struggle with motivation signing up with a friend for group fitness training and booking classes ahead can be a great way to keep you on track and have fun in the process."

Find out more about FoxFit Redfern right here.

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