The surprising X-rated item that could be in every room at the Olympics

This year's Olympic Games could be the sexiest yet... after all it is being held in the City of Love!

It seems that athletes across the globe are in for a spicy trip to Paris for the 2024 Olympics – it is, after all, the City of Love. While sex was off the menu at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to Covid-19, the intimacy ban has officially been lifted for the upcoming Games after it was revealed a whopping 300,000 condoms would be distributed at the Olympic Village in July.

And the handouts may not just be limited to contraception. Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has responded to the Olympic Committee’s continued promotion of safe sex among athletes – a tradition that has been in place since the 1988 Seoul Games – in an open letter to Olympic and Paralympic Village director Laurent Michaud.

In the letter, Lovehoney CEO Johannes Plettenberg had one cheeky (but nonetheless important) question: “Would you like lube with that?”.

Male and female athletes embrace (left) and face of woman experiencing pleasure (right).
Athletes are often known to get up to some extra-curricular activity in the Olympic Village after hours. Photo: Getty

“Just as the Olympic Games showcase the importance of preparation and support in achieving excellence, we believe that sexual health and pleasure also deserve attention and care,” Plettenberg said.

“As such, Lovehoney is offering to donate a generous supply of high-quality lubricant to accompany the condoms distributed to athletes in the Olympic Village.”


Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, Lovehoney ANZ director Charlie Ganzen said that the idea behind the offer was to challenge and break down the persistent cultural taboos surrounding lubricant use.

“There’s a popular misconception that needing lube is a sign of inadequacy, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” Ganzen explained. “While our open letter might be playful in tone, our intent couldn't be more serious.”

Olympic rings displayed above a Paris 2024 sign.
This year's Olympics may be the sexiest yet, with 300,000 condoms given out to the athletes in Paris. Photo: Getty

“Sexual activity in the Olympic Village has a rich history and isn’t something to be ignored; it’s a reflection of human nature,” he continued.

“By bringing lubricants into the mix, we’re not just contributing to safer sex but are also enhancing the overall experience. It’s a step towards normalising conversations about sexual health and pleasure.”

Why do lube and condoms go hand in hand?

If the offer comes to fruition, Olympians could be at the top of their performance this year, both on and off the field – according to Ganzen: “lube and condoms are a dynamic duo in sexual health”. But why do the pair work so well together, and what are the benefits of combining use of the two?

Leading sexologist Chantelle Otten explained to Lovehoney that lube was a little like the secret ingredient to an already great recipe as it “just makes everything better”.


“Whether it's adding smoothness to your intimate moments or ensuring that pleasure is front and centre, lube is for everyone,” Otten said.

“And let's not forget, it's also a champion for safer sex, reducing the risk of condom tears and in turn, reducing the risk of contracting STIs. Embracing lubricant is not just smart; it’s about enhancing pleasure in the safest way possible."

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