The Challenge's Ciarran caught cheating on his partner on TV: 'Sorry'

Ciarran Stott has been called out on social media after he was shown cheating on his partner during the first episode of Channel Ten’s new reality show The Challenge Australia.

The 28-year-old, who launched to fame on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019 before a controversial appearance on Bachelor in Paradise the following year, admitted to “fooling around” with Love Island’s Audrey Kanongora during Monday night’s premiere, despite being in a relationship with Ruby Burciaga on the outside.

The Challenge's Ciarran Stott and Audrey Kanongora.
Ciarran Stott and Audrey Kanongora cheated on their partners with each other on The Challenge Australia. Photos: Channel Ten

Ciarran and Audrey were shown sharing a shower together late at night after partying with the rest of the cast, with the 22-year-old model later telling the cameras what happened.

“Ciarran’s room is next to mine, so I asked if I could shower in his,” she explained. “He got in the shower with me. It was just very innocent.”

“Audrey and I fooled around in the shower and then both thought, ‘What are we doing?’,” Ciarran added. “I’ve got my partner back home. I am really sorry for what I’ve done. Hopefully, you don’t leave me and we stay together. I’m sorry.”


Audrey also expressed her remorse over the incident, saying: “I am still currently in a relationship. I don’t know why the hell I did it, that’s not what I came here for.”

Meanwhile, fellow contestant David Subritzky joked that he loved the drama and he wanted some popcorn to eat while watching it unfold.

“I’m here for it,” he remarked. “Ciarran has basically been with half the girls in the villa. I know for a fact he’s been with Kiki [Morris], he’s been with Jessica [Brody] and, who else?”

Ciarran’s girlfriend speaks out

Ciarran’s girlfriend Ruby, who he went public with in December, has since taken to her Instagram Story to comment on the cheating scandal.

Before the episode premiered on Monday she had shared a trailer alongside the caption: “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight boy @ciarranstott”

On Tuesday morning she shared another statement, writing: “I just wanted to thank everyone for your messages and support the last few days.

“It's been an incredibly tough couple of months and not something I ever imagined I'd go through, especially so publicly. So grateful for each and every one of you.”

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, Ruby confirmed that she and Ciarran are still together and they are currently working on themselves and their relationship.

“To be honest I didn’t watch last night's episode, although, I was fully aware of what was going to happen,” she added. “Ciarran and I are in a good place though, I’ve had a few months to heal and this is just another hurdle which we will undoubtedly get through.”

The Challenge's Ciarran Stott and his girlfriend Ruby.
Ciarran’s girlfriend Ruby spoke out about the cheating scandal on Instagram and thanked her followers for their support. Photo: Instagram/rubyburciaga

‘What the f**k’

Fans of The Challenge were quick to call out Ciarran’s “naughty” behaviour on social media, with many people poking fun at the fact that he announced he had ‘changed’ earlier in the episode.

“Ciarran saying he’s changed and then cheating on his gf in the first ep is so on par,” one person wrote.

“Ciarran saying he's here to show he's a changed man and immediately showing that he's not a changed man will never not be funny,” another added.


“This show has such potential... and yet first ep, I'm wondering if this is just another series watching Ciarran cheat on his partner,” someone else shared.

“What the f**k, I am barely paying attention to The Challenge but I hear Ciarran say he's a new reformed man and next minute he's in the shower with someone cheating on his gf, this MAN,” a different user remarked.

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