Bachelorette’s Ciarran Stott gushes over new girlfriend: 'Pretty damn good'

Former Bachelorette star Ciarran Stott has released a picture alongside his new girlfriend.

Taking to his Instagram account, the 27-year-old uploaded a snap of himself standing next to 25-year-old Melbourne woman Ruby Burciaga, alongside the caption: “Life with you is pretty damn good”.

Ciarran Stott and Ruby Burciaga
Ciarran Stott has debuted his new girlfriend on his Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Ciarran Stott

Ruby also took to her account to upload a snap of her and Ciarran, simply putting a love heart emoji in the caption.

In November, Ciarran teased fans with news that he was seeing someone special, after answering a Q&A question asking him was he single with the simple answer: “No”.

Ciarran, who is well-known for appearing on Angie Kent’s season in 2019 before wreaking havoc on the show’s spin-off series in Fiji the following year, was recently booted from the current season of The Bachelorette in Sweden.


Ciarran Stott with long hair on Bachelor in Paradise
Ciarran first appeared on Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette in 2019, before going on to star on Bachelor in Paradise. Photo: Channel 10

Earlier this year, Ciarran flew to Europe where he battled it out on the dating show to win the heart of Swedish Bachelorette, Julia Franzén.

“I’m gonna steal the show, and probably steal her heart too. I definitely feel like the boys should be threatened by me, being from Australia with an English accent. Hot, heavy, ready. Let’s go,” he said in a clip from the show.

However, it wasn’t meant to be and Julia bid farewell to Ciarran during episode 10 of the show.

Ciarran recently opened up to So Dramatic! about his time on the Bachelorette franchise, saying he let the attention at the time change him.

“I didn’t stay true to myself. I started acting different, even my family could see it. I was being distant from them,” he said.

“It affected my family, my friends, my relationships that I was in.”

Ruby Burciaga and Ciarran Stott pose together
Ciarran and Ruby are believed to be dating a few months. Photo: Instagram/Ruby Burciaga

He went on to say he regrets appearing on Bachelor in Paradise just 10 months after he was kicked off Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette.

“When I was [on Bachelor in Paradise], I had no respect for myself and definitely no respect for anyone on the show," he said.

“I regret everything to do with Paradise, I regret going on the show. If I could push the restart button and go in there again, I wouldn’t have gone in with that attitude.”

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