The Block's Scott Cam reveals heartbreaking detail behind Logies campaign

EXCLUSIVE: Here's why Scott Cam really wants to win his third Logie Award this year.

He’s been nominated for a handful of Logie Awards throughout his extensive career, but Scott Cam wants to win this year more than ever.

The Block host, who won both the Gold Logie and Silver Logie in 2014, tells Yahoo Lifestyle he would love to take home the recently renamed Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter at this year’s ceremony for quite a touching reason.

Scott Cam at the Logies in 2014.
Scott Cam says he would love to win the Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter this year in honour of Bert. Photo: Getty

“Bert was a great friend of mine and he's sorely missed, so it's an honour [to be nominated for that award],” he says. “I would love to get the Bert Newton Award.

“Forgetting the presenting side of it, Bert was a tremendous bloke and a lovely man and I miss him a lot.”


While he’s attended over 20 Logie Awards over the years, Scott admits he still gets excited about attending the event and having an opportunity to catch up with colleagues from various networks.

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He adds that the long-standing award show holds an important place in the TV industry and deserves more respect from the public.

“I don't really like people that diss the Logies, I think the Logies is fantastic,” he shares. “If you work on a television show that has a family of people that are working for a long time, like I’m talking about cameramen and producers, the Logies means so much to them.

“It’s recognising their efforts on the show that they work on, so that's why I don't like anyone making fun of the Logies. It should be taken seriously because there are so many people that are attached to each Logie Award.”

The Block stars reveal why the show should win a Logie

Scott’s comments come shortly after The Block 2022 winners Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Abu Malik told Yahoo Lifestyle why they believe the reality show should win a Logie this year.

“I feel like no other reality TV show puts their contestants through what we go through, physically and mentally,” Omar said. “I don't think there's a reality TV show that's harder than The Block.”

“I think The Block is the one-stop shop,” Oz shared. “You get a lot of TV shows that are based on love only or based on business only. This is love, business, food - it’s the lot. You get everything you want.”


Fellow season 18 stars Rachel and Ryan Carr also told Yahoo Lifestyle that they believe The Block should win Most Popular Reality Program because of its juggernaut ratings.

“We killed it in the ratings last year,” Ryan said. “And it was just a different year. From all the other years, last year was such a different year.”

“I think that The Block should win because we delivered the drama,” Rachel added. “We delivered the drama the whole way through and we gave you a dramatic auction, no one can dispute that. We gave you good TV.

“We endured the mud! The mud alone should get us a Logie, and anyone that watched that knows.”

You can vote for the Logies here.

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