The Block's Scott Cam apologises after shock room reveal: 'Not fair'

The Block host Scott Cam had to apologise profusely to Omar and Oz on Sunday night’s episode.

The Western Sydney boys were unable to finish their working-from-home space after weeks of rain left them without a roof on their shed.

The Block Scott Cam at Block HQ before judging with his arms outstretched
The Block host Scott Cam apologised to Omar and Oz on Sunday night's episode. Photo: Nine

Oz said he found the predicament “very frustrating”, while Omar added that it wasn’t ‘fair’ at all.

“It [feels] like we haven’t had the right end of the deal on this at all. We’re still trying to produce rooms, and it’s finally come to a stage where we’re being told ‘you’re not going to get the room [done]’,” Omar told producers.


The two friends believe that being stuck with House 5 meant they received building materials later than everybody else.

“Our orders would come in a lot later than everyone else. So that was probably the hardest part of The Block because we always felt like we’re starting the weeks on the back foot,” Omar recently told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“You kind of notice it a little bit [when] our shed isn’t done so we can’t reveal our working from home space.

“People don’t probably notice that at home, but we did get everything a lot later than everyone else, and that probably affected us the most week in, week out,” he said.

Foremen Keith, Dan and Omar and Oz on The Block
Foremen Keith and Dan apologised to Omar and Oz for the rain delay. Photo: Nine

Even though the pair couldn’t plaster the walls or finish their floors due to the leaky space, they were determined to do everything they could to share their vision with the judges.

Once 'tools down' was called, Omar and Oz presented an unfinished but furnished room to the judges, hoping they would understand what they were trying to achieve.

“We just want to show the judges we did not give up,” Oz said.

Omar and Oz's unfinished working from home space
Their room looked dismal in its unfinished state. Photo: Nine

Scott Cam presented a sincere apology to the pair at Block HQ.

“I want to apologise to Omar and Oz on behalf of The Block. With the rain we’ve had over the last month, we were unable to finish your shed, and therefore you were unable to finish your room. For that we say sorry,” he began.

The host said judges had been told to ignore the unfinished room and to score Omar and Oz's working-from-home space as if it were complete.

“It certainly wasn’t your fault,” he added.

In the end, Tom and Sarah-Jane took out the win, with the boys finishing in the middle.

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